• A cooperating teacher is a classroom teacher (with at least 3 years of experience) that mentors a student teacher through job-embedded professional learning in order to equip the student teacher with the necessary skills to become an effective and proficient educator in FBISD. 

    Cooperating teachers play a key role in the education of teacher candidates through their growth mindset and ability to model best practices and vocalize philosophies that lead to student ownership of learning and behavior.  

    We have provided information here to inform you of the processes and priorities. The Roles and Responsibilities Chart provides a graphic representation of each participant’s role and responsibilities.  

    Please consider applying to be a cooperating teacher if you have a desire to learn and grow as a teacher leader and build capacity in teacher candidates to be prepared for a teaching position in FBISD. 

    Applications and principal recommendations are due by May 01, 2023 for FALL 2023 placement considerations. Because we partner with universities and deadlines are critical for teachers to be placed in a timely fashion, we must adhere to the due dates.  Applications received after the due date will be considered for Spring 2023 placement and/ or as needs arise. 

    As we consider placement at different campuses, we consider the following priorities:    

    • Student Teacher Certification area
    • Campus engagement in district instructional priorities, like Impact Teams or Grading Pilot.
    • Student Teacher Location Request  

    When teachers apply to be a Cooperating Teacher, they agree to be placed in the pool.  The final placement is based on the priorities above. It is also important to note, that some student teacher placements are for two semesters and others are for one semester.  As a reminder, if universities reach out to you, please direct them to us first so we can guide them in beginning the process. 

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. 

    Crystal Renteria

    Christine Cardona