• Grow Your Own Program

    At FBISD we provide you with the tools you need to succeed. As a certified District of Innovation (DoI), FBISD is committed to recruiting, developing, and retaining effective teachers. Come join us now!

    Grow Your Own:

    The Grow Your Own (GYO) program gives FBISD the ability and resources to help FBISD paraprofessionals, aides, and substitutes transition into teaching roles. 


    • Discount code provided for the registration fee
    • Capturing Kids’ Hearts - Professional development
    • Blended coursework/additional coursework support
    • Assistance in finding a position
    • Informational sessions
    • Two-year mentorship


    • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education with a 2.5 GPA or above. (Health Science Technology and Trades & Industrial Education certifications are exempt from the bachelor’s degree requirement)
    • Official University Transcripts (must be verified in the US)
    • Acceptance into Teachworthy, Alternative certification Program (ACP)

     Teachworthy and Assessment Costs:

    Information Table

    Steps to Achieving a Teacher Certification:

    Steps to Achieving a Teacher Certification

    Definition of terms:

    • ACP - Alternative Certification Program.
    • Internship - ACP candidate’s first year of teaching under the supervision of a certified field trainer.
    • Observation hours - Observing educators within the classroom and/or online.
    • Student teaching - One semester of teaching under the supervision of a certified teacher and guidance from a field trainer instead of an internship.
    • Field trainer - An educator from the ACP program who observes and supports teacher growth.
    • TExES - Texas Examinations of Educator Standards.
    • PPR - Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities
    • edTPA - Educational Teacher Performance Assessment


    Accredited ACP programs:

    (There are various ACP programs available in Texas. It is important to choose one that fits your individual needs.)


    Certification requirements + PPR/edTPA (TExES, PPR) :

    Pre-K - 6th Grade

    • EC-6
    • Science of Teaching Reading (new Jan 1, 2021)
    • ESL supplemental

    Middle School

    • Core subjects 4-8
    • 4-8 Math
    • 4-8 Science
    • 4-8 ELAR + ESL + Science of Teaching Reading
    • 4-8 Social Studies
    • 4-8 ELAR and Social Studies + ESL + Science of Teaching Reading
    • 4-8 Math and Science

    High School

    • 7-12 ELAR + ESL
    • 7-12 content area


    Contact Information:

    Crystal Renteria, Talent Acquisition Coordinator of Schools and Student Teacher Partner



     For additional information on available programs, please visit www.tea.state.tx.us and select "Becoming a Texas Teacher.”