• Question: When will I find out my placement?

    Answer: Your institution receives your placement as soon as cooperating teachers and principals agree to assignments. It is usually around June for fall semester and December for spring semester.


    Question: When do I officially start student teaching?

    Answer: We welcome student teachers prior to the start of the semester allowing them to attend professional development with their cooperating teacher. If you have a different start date, you will start the date your institution instructs you to.


    Question: Why didn’t I get the campus I requested?

    Answer: FBISD asks student teacher their quadrant preference. We do NOT guarantee campus placement. Placement of student teachers with cooperating teachers depends on the teachers available who have gone through an application process to ensure student teachers are with our talented teachers.


    Question: Do I have to attend student teacher meeting?

    Answer: Student teacher meetings provide student teachers the opportunity to learn more about the district, programs in the district and they have the opportunity to participate in professional development designed to support your first year of teaching in FBISD.


    Question: How do I look for a teaching position in Fort Bend ISD.

    Answer: Student teaching is a long-term job interview. HR assists in informing principals of viable student teacher candidates. Also, information regarding the application process, interviewing and the hiring procedures are provided during student teacher meetings.


    Question: Can I change my assigned campus?

    Answer: The only time a placement is changed is if the cooperating teacher is no longer available or the placement doesn’t match the certification.


    Question: When do I meet my cooperating (mentor) teacher?

    Answer: Once your placement is finalized, you can reach out to your cooperating teacher and/or they will reach out to you.


    Question: Can I work during student teaching?

    Answer: Student teaching is a full-time responsibility. Working is discouraged since the expectation is that the student teacher is on the campus any time the cooperating teacher is on the campus.


    Question: Will I be able to observe an ARD?

    Answer: If the parent allows the student teacher to participate, a student teacher can attend the ARD. Otherwise, student teachers do NOT attend ARDS but information regarding ARDS is presented during a student teacher meeting.


    Question: Will I/Could I substitute during student teaching?

    Answer: Unfortunately, student teachers CANNOT sub during student teaching. Once your student teaching is complete, you can apply to be a substitute.


    Question: Will the principal evaluate a student teacher?

    Answer: If a principal has time, they are encouraged to observe our student teachers.


    Question: What is the dress code?

    Answer: Business casual. Please be aware of movement that occurs in the classroom to ensure everything is covered. Fridays are usually jean days, dress jeans are appropriate. If the campus has a “dress up day,” you can participate.