• Stakeholder Engagement

    Fort Bend ISD believes that all stakeholders play a vital role in our learning community. Our goal is to ensure that our community has the information they need to understand the work of the District and provide meaningful input to create stronger schools that drives student success.   

    We support ongoing efforts to engage families, schools, and the community through partnerships and collaboration that foster the development of Fort Bend ISD’s Profile a Graduate and enhance student learning.   We strive to engage, educate, and empower students, families, and our community to support students in achieving their hopes and dreams by providing numerous opportunities to understand the work of the District, collect input, elicit feedback, and/or get involved in their school community. 


    FBISD Stakeholder Engagement Model


    Our stakeholder engagement model establishes the five roles of engagement based on the level of engagement and collaboration needed from the various stakeholder groups to ensure cycles of continuous improvement.  As you can see in the graphic, the role of stakeholder engagement could be to: 

    • Inform the District community about important information, 
    • Consult with stakeholders to gain information or elicit feedback, 
    • Involve stakeholders to address ongoing concerns or issues, 
    • Collaborate to partner with stakeholder groups to develop solutions, or to 
    • Empower stakeholders to be part of the decision-making process. 


    This page will highlight key findings from various stakeholder engagement opportunities such as District surveys, feedback summaries, and task force or committee recommendations.  Please use the link below to navigate available findings.