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  • National Board-Certified Teacher Pathway and Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) 


    The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) serves as a provision of HB3 to recognize and reward highly effective teachers based on performance and evaluation criteria. Beginning April 2020, teachers could earn one of three designation statuses on their certificates, Recognized, Exemplary and Master following two pathways: National Board and an approved Local Designation System (LDS).   

    National Board: National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) will earn an automatic Recognized Designation, which generates additional compensation between $3,000 and  $6,000 for five years. Currently, FBISD has 1 teacher receiving additional compensation on this pathway.

    Local Designation System: Each district has the option to design a local designation system using three required components: teacher observation, student performance, and an optional component for additional factors as determined by the District. Local Designation systems are submitted to TEA for approval and undergo data validation conducted by Texas Tech University. Districts receive $3,000 - $32,000 to compensate each teacher based upon designation level and the campus demographic profile. At least 90 percent of the funds generated must be used for teacher compensation at the campus. Monies travel with the designated teacher annually to the district/ campus where the teacher works across five years.

    What is the National Board Certification Program?

    The NBCT program is a voluntary, multi-year commitment to engage in reflection and study to improve practices.The process is rigorous and demanding; over 300 hours (about 2 weeks) of preparation over two years is required. Some candidates have reported over 700 hours of work. It consists of courses and assignments focused on specified components of a successful classroom: Differentiating Instruction, Content Knowledge, Teaching Practice and Learning Environment, and Effective and Reflective Practitioning. It is a challenging program that is recognized across the nation. 

    In addition to Texas, thirty-one states provide opportunities for additional pay for teachers who obtain National Board Certification. In 14 states, the reward is higher for teachers who work in shortage subject areas and/or underserved schools.  

    For more information, visit the National Board Website

    National Board Certified Teachers Cohort

    Fort Bend ISD is the recipient of the National Board Candidacy Cohort Grant. Through this grant, the 2023-24 Fort Bend ISD National Board Cohort will partner with Region 10 to pursue National Board Certification. Currently, Fort Bend ISD has one National Board Cohort that began in Summer 2022. Candidates in the first cohort are on a one or two year pathway to become a National Board Certified Teacher. 

    Cohort Support  

    NBCT cohort teachers will receive the following support:  

    • The NBCT cohort participation will fulfill required professional learning requirements in FBISD,  
    • Ongoing job embedded learning to support content knowledge and preparation for required submissions, 
    • Optional support webinars and collaboration sessions, and 
    • Upon completion, reimbursement for the module fees, up to $1,900. 

    The NBCT certification program requires teachers to complete four defined components through successful submissions as outlined in the chart below.

    TIA Requirements

    Once certified, teachers will automatically receive the Recognized designation in the Teacher Incentive Allotment and receive incentive pay of between $3,000 and $6,000 for a period of five years following certification, before being required to recertify through the Maintenance of Certification process.

    To see the allotment available per FBISD campus, visit the Funding Page on the TIA Website. To find your school, use the drop-down menus to the right of the screen. Choose the district, then choose your campus to see the allotment amounts for your campus.



    Send an email to FBISDNBCT@fortbendisd.com for any questions.