Integrated Pest Management - Insects, Bats and Rodents

    ...a strategy of managing pests that is designed to meet an individuals production goals in the most economically and environmentally sound manner possible using a combination of control tactics.

    IPM is a systematic, information-intensive approach which depends upon an understanding of the entire production system. It strives to use several complimentary tactics or control methods to manage pests which makes the system more stable and subject to less production risks. IPM focuses on tactics that will prevent or avoid anticipated pest problems rather than remediate problems once they occur.
    Fort Bend ISD is committed to providing pest-free school environments.  The Texas law requires school districts to make use of IPM techniques for the management of pests, which restricts the use of dangerous chemicals to the last resort.  Instead, proactive management of the school environment is the first line of defense.  As such, our commitment can only be fully realized with the assistance of the entire community as we work together to disrupt the three components critical to pests in a building.
     The Integrated Pest Manager is responsible for controlling pests in and around our campuses.  These range from ants and termites to skunks and wild pig, Among the worst of the pests are lice, bedbugs, rodents, mosquitoes and bats.