Energy Conservation

  • The Facilities Department of Fort Bend ISD has been aggressively working to continuously reduce our carbon footprint -- that is our impact on the environment.  We are inviting the staff and student body to join us in our ongoing effort.

    FBISD spent $13,900,000 last school year on electricity. The average High School costs $418,000 per year, the Middle Schools $209,000 per year and the Elementary Schools $99,500 per year.  If we can achieve a 10 percent reduction in electricity use it will save the District $1,390,000 per year.  That is the equivalent to the following. 





    Smart Boards






    Text Books





    Energy Conservation Ideas for Everybody

    Here are some ways to contribute to our ongoing effort to reduce our carbon footprint and save energy within Fort Bend ISD.

    • Rule #1 – If you don’t need it, turn it off or unplug it.  Off is the best energy conservation technique available.
    • Lights off – If you will be out of your classroom/office for more than ten minutes turn off your lights.
    • No space heaters – They are a fire hazard, energy hog and can cause problems with the HVAC system
    • Thermostats are set at 69 and 74 – District standard is thermostats are set at 69 degrees for heating and 74 degrees for cooling.  Please dress in accordingly.
    • Turn off water when not in use – Do not let water run if it is not being used.  Every drop that goes down the drain unused is wasted money.
    • Report leaking faucets, toilets or urinals even if it is just a small drip – A small drip can add up to hundreds of dollars per year.
    • Computers in sleep/off – Screensavers don’t save money.  If you will be off your computer for more than thirty minutes, shut it off.
    • Projectors/smart boards off – Be sure to turn off your projectors and smart boards at night and any time you will be out of your classroom for an extended period.
    • Unplug it – A cell phone charger plugged into the wall still uses power even if the phone isn’t plugged into it.  It is very little but spread out over the entire District can add up to substantial cost.  An even better option would be to use the USB port on your computer to charge it.
    • Localized after hours event – Often our largest use of electricity at a site is during after-hours events. Please do all you can to hold multiple after hours events in the same area of the building and at the same time.