Our Services

  • The Communications Division's focus is on communicating District news with our various stakeholders, both internal and external, as well as building relationships with parent volunteers and business partners. The Communications Division provides the following services to all FBISD internal and external stakeholders:

    Information Services

    • FBISD ExPress – the district’s electronic weekly news bulletin
    • Board Business Recap – an electronic Board Meeting summary
    • At a Glance - the District's general information guide
    • Numerous other program-specific District and campus communications

    Web-based communications

    • Deliver the latest news via the District's homepage
    • Oversee the District's webpages
    • Provide support to campus staff on their websites
    • Provide information to employees on FBISD’s intranet 
    • Provide video files of FBISD Board Meetings
    • Oversee the District's social media channels
    • Oversee the campus Twitter accounts


    Strategic Communications Support

    • Develop communication plans to promote District and campus initiatives
    • Develop and manage District branding guidelines
    • Communications Training (PR & Media) for administrators
    • Crisis management/PR counsel

    Editorial Marketing Services

    • Assisting schools/departments with local communication efforts, including news releases, campus newsletters, parent letters, School Messenger communications, etc.

    Special Event/Campaign Coordination

    • Annual Staff Service Awards Program and Dinner
    • Annual Teacher of the Year Program and Dinner
    • Annual graduation ceremonies (for all FBISD high schools)
    • New school dedication ceremonies
    • Bond Referendum information campaigns
    • Media Relations/Address media inquiries

    Graphic Arts/Video Services

    • Graphic art support to schools and departments district-wide
    • Graphics support for the planning and execution of district events and activities
    • Video services to promote District-wide initiatives and programs