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    In Fort Bend ISD we believe in the power of Compassionate Citizens. As compassionate citizens we understand the importance of being informed, engaged, and active members of our ever growing, diverse community. FBISD believes that registering to vote, being informed about the democratic process of our nation, and ultimately exercising the right to vote are essential actions for a compassionate citizen to perform.

    Civic Engagement

    We do recognize that everyone is not able to register to vote or cast a ballot during elections, but there are other ways that you can be civically engaged and active as a compassionate citizen.

  • The 4 E's of Civic Engagement

    • Educate your family, friends, and community about the importance of elections and voting. 
    • Enlist others to register to vote by providing information on ways to register - social media sharing is a great tool.
    • Encourage your friends and family members who are eligible to vote to exercise their right.
    • Engage in community efforts, such as church groups, social clubs, neighborhood organizations, to mobilize voters in your area.




  • Social Media Sharing 

    Sharing your experiences via social media is a great way to inspire others. As you participate in civic engagement activities, we encourage you to use your social media platform to mobilize your peers, family, and friends as compassionate citizens during this election season.

    Tag the following handles and hashtags when social media sharing –

    #FBISDVotes            #FortBendVotes                  #VoteReady

    @FBISD                     @FBISDEngages                  @NatlVoterRegDay