Social Media Rules of Engagement

  • Fort Bend ISD's social media platforms -- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube -- are resources of Fort Bend ISD. Any and all content posted by followers is the responsibility of the follower, not Fort Bend ISD.

    All comments posted to any Fort Bend ISD social media platform are subject to administrator discretion to protect the privacy and rights of Fort Bend ISD’s students, faculty and staff.

    Fort Bend ISD reserves the right to remove comments that are obscene or vulgar; endorse actions endangering the health and safety of others; promote illegal use of drugs, alcohol, or other controlled substances; violate the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or other rights of another person; contain defamatory statements; advocate imminent lawless or disruptive action and are likely to incite or produce such action; contain hate speech or scurrilously attack ethnic, religious, or racial groups or contain content aimed at creating hostility and violence; or would result in material and substantial interference with school activities or the rights of others.

    Fort Bend ISD also reserves the right to prohibit spamming and comments that are non-responsive to the topic posted.