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    Each Fort Bend ISD high school has a well-equipped College & Career Resource Center staffed by a full-time CCR Advisor. All students are welcome any time to explore careers, research postsecondary institutions and scholarships, and other activities to insure they are ready for post-high school careers. Parents are welcome too!  Contact the CCR Advisor at your school to set up an appointment!

High School CCR Advisor CCR Center Phone Email
Austin Aaron Bishop H1 (281) 327-1160 aaron.bishop@fortbendisd.com
Bush Tiffani Jenkins-Kinney J106 (281) 634-6182 tiffani.jenkinskinne@fortbendisd.com
Clements Raven Crowder 1326 (281) 634-3106 raven.hollins@fortbendisd.com
Dulles Kahley Warren F101 (Cafeteria) (281) 634-5820 kahley.warren@fortbendisd.com
Elkins Narietha Carter-McClain 447 (281) 634-9033 narietha.cartermccla@fortbendisd.com
Hightower Jackie Hidalgo H1 (281) 634-3728 jackie.hidalgo@fortbendisd.com
Kempner Shelby Nilsen 214 (281) 634-3140 shelby.nilsen@fortbendisd.com
Marshall Daphne Thompson-Bennett T107 (281) 634-6683 daphne.thompsonbenne@fortbendisd.com
Ridge Point VACANT A115
Travis Becky Martinez E138 (281) 634-9264 becky.martinez@fortbendisd.com
Willowridge Kimberly Green H116 (281) 634-2477 kimberly.green@fortbendisd.com
Progressive High School Margaret Ann Tooks-Shade 508 (281) 634-6477 margaretann.tookesshade@fortbendisd.com