University, College, & Career Video Series

  • Introductory Video: Overview for University, College, and Career Readiness After High School

  • Graduation Requirements Video

  • High School Endorsements

  • Holistic Review in the College Admissions Process

  • Financial Aid 101

FBISD High School Programs of Choice Videos


  • Where can I find out what courses FBISD offers Middle School Students?

  • Where can I find out what coursers FBISD offers in High School?

  • What is the difference between an on level, AAC, AP, and Dual Credit Class

  • Who do I talk to on campus about Dual Credit courses?

  • How do I get into Naviance?

  • How are grades handled in Fort Bend?

Upcoming Community College and Career Events

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College Search Resources

  • Big Future by College Board

  • College Insight

  • Unigo

Finding an Interest Resources

  • Job's Y'all

  • Texas Career Check

  • Road Trip nation

  • Map My Grad

  • Middle Glaxay

FAQ: Class Rank Policy

  • Why did we change the policy?

  • When will the top 10% be notified?

  • How will the top 10% be notified?

  • What happens if I want to apply for a scholarship or admissions and they say I need to be in the top 25% or top quartile or 2nd quartile to get the scholarship.

  • What if a student is applying to the University of Texas and wants to know if they are in the top 6%?

  • What is holistic review?

  • What will a Program of Choice’s transcript look like?

  • What will a Program of Choice’s diploma look like?

  • Where will a Program of Choice student graduate from?

  • How does this affect the valedictorian and salutatorian for a graduating class?