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2020 Census - We're Counting on You!

  • The Census is a decennial count of all residents in the United States, and is mandated by the U.S. Constitution. The Census counts every person, including children, living in the country, in order to portion federal funds for public services, including education and health services.  


    FACT: The first Census was held in 1790.  


    Children, especially young children, are often undercounted in the Census, resulting in a disparity in the funding for programs for them. Fort Bend ISD encourages its families to participate in the Census so that students, teachers and schools receive all the support to which they are entitled! Visit www.census.gov to learn more and to complete your information. 


    How the Census Works 

    Families will receive a Census introduction letter in the mail in March, encouraging them to complete the Census. Families may respond online, over the phone and by mail. Paper questionnaires will be mailed in early April, and final reminders will be mailed in late April.  


    Who Counts 

    Because every family is unique, members will look different in every family, but everyone counts! Babies, children, parents, extended family members, and friends all count in the Census – anyone living in a home counts. Be sure to count everyone under your roof.  


    Facts to Know and Share 

    • Information shared with the Census must be kept confidential, and will not be shared with any other agency including law enforcement. 
    • The Census counts all residents, regardless of citizenship or immigration status.  
    • You will not be required to give your social security number.