• FBISD Drug Prevention Resources

    Signs and Symptoms of Substance Use or Abuse
    • Having or possessing drugs, alcohol or paraphernalia (items used in ingesting the drugs or alcohol).  Holding for a friend is an excuse and manipulation by your child to deflect responsibility and blame others. It means they are hanging around those friends who use drugs or alcohol. As the old saying goes,” You are who you hang with."
    • Smelling like marijuana smoke or alcohol. One of kids' favorite ways to cover up their use of substances is Visine for eye redness after using marijuana and mouthwash for alcohol use.
    • Behavioral changes: withdrawal from family activities, meals, religious observances, not talking with you, change in friends, disrespectful, secretive actions, staying out late or dropping favorite activities. The trick for parents is to know what is developmentally appropriate and when it crosses the line to becoming problematic. Excuses for them, such as “He is just a teen” or “It is just a phase” can enable the child to get worse and quickly.
    • Physical changes: red eyes, weight loss, frequent illness, poor hygiene, unusually tired, slurred speech and even unexplained injuries.
    • Psychological change: moody, withdrawn, depressed, isolated, unmotivated, hyperactive, or angry.
    • School changes: grades decline, tardy to class, truancy, discipline issues, teacher conflicts.
    • Gets in trouble with the law for drugs or other illegal activity.
    • Unable to account for the money you give them.