Social Workers

  • Social Workers

    School Social Workers provide direct counseling and social work services to all Fort Bend Independent School District campuses. Social work services are oriented toward helping students make satisfactory school adjustments and to coordinate the efforts of home, school, and community to achieve this goal.


    To inspire and enhance each child’s ability to meet his or her full potential.


    Social Workers provide social support to meet the needs of the whole child.

    Social Workers provide the following support…

    • Consultation with families to evaluate and determine needs
    • Provide direct services to students and families
    • Coordinate services between students, families, and community agencies
    • Provide crisis intervention services and referrals
    • Provide interventions to increase student attendance and decrease truancy
    • Facilitate identification and services for homeless/foster students and families
    • Organize and facilitate individual and small group programs for children with at-risk behavior
    • Facilitate the collaboration between the school, home and community services to ensure educational success
    • Develop parent/family training resources 

    Additional Supportive Services on Title I campuses

    • Positive Behavior Intervention Support
    • Parental Engagement
    • Transition support for students and parents
    • Other social supportive services as needed

    Immigrant Student and Family Support Services such as

    • Informing and referring to community and campus resources
    • Providing student advocacy
    • Conducting transitional activities for students new to the country
    • Collaborating between the school and immigrant families and their students.
    • Encouraging and providing immigrant families with information regarding the American educational system.