• Fentanyl Poisoning Awareness 


    There is a growing threat to the health and safety of our youth that we want to bring to your attention.  Fentanyl is a man-made, Schedule II narcotic that has reached a growing number of communities of all sizes across Texas and has impacted so many lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), within the last two years, teen overdose deaths related to Fentanyl have tripled. Over half of all overdose deaths are related to Fentanyl use. Death from Fentanyl overdose happens when the respiratory system slows, or not enough oxygen gets to the brain.  


    The State of Texas (HB3908) requires school districts to annually provide to students in grades 6–12 research-based instruction on fentanyl abuse prevention and drug poisoning awareness.  The required instruction in fentanyl prevention and drug poisoning awareness must include the following:

    • Suicide prevention
    • Prevention of the abuse of and addiction to fentanyl
    • Awareness of local school and community resources and any processes involved in accessing those resources
    • Health education that includes information about substance use and abuse, including youth substance use and abuse

    To View the FBISD Fentanyl Poisoning Awareness Lesson & Parent Letter Click Here

    FBISD Fentanyl Poising Awareness Parent Information Letter

    We ask that you take time to talk with your child regarding the facts and dangers of Fentanyl Poisoning.



  • Fentanyl Awareness Information & Resources:

    The TEA and HHSC have launched fentanyl awareness toolkits to assist school systems with educating their schools and communities on the growing dangers of this lethal opioid. For more information, please visit the TEA Fentanyl Response Communications Toolkit webpage and the HHSC Fighting Fentanyl webpage.  


    CDC - Stop Overdose Webpage To address the increasing number of overdose deaths related to both prescription opioids and illicit drugs, we created a website to educate people who use drugs about the dangers of illicitly manufactured fentanyl, the risks and consequences of mixing drugs, the lifesaving power of naloxone, and the importance of reducing stigma around recovery and treatment options. Together, we can stop drug overdoses and save lives. 


    If you or someone you know needs assistance with drug use or misuse, please visit your campus counselor.