GSA Students Travel Experience 2022

Quotes from Travelers:

"It was a really eye-opening experience as I had never had the opportunity to leave the country before. Really experiencing different cultures and languages rather than just studying them was probably the highlight as a GSA student. Traveling with Ms. Cain (GSA Teacher Facilitator) and EF Tours also allowed me to go to many different countries in Europe without worrying about hotels and transferring luggage." -Makai M. (C/O 2022)

"The trip all in all was really fun. It's a unique experience spending time with people 24-hours a day. You all get to know each other really fast and you create a bond like no other!" -Lana N. (C/O 2022) 

"Traveling with EF Tours and GSA was a really valuable experience because we were able to explore new places in a way that felt safe but not restrictive. Since we were never alone while we were out, I felt safer to truly explore cities I normally would have felt uncomfortable in alone. Getting to meet new people was a lot of fun! I bonded with my roommates the very first night and we are still in touch weeks after. You get to see beautiful places and eat different foods and experience different cultures! All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience. -Sophia B. (C/O 2022)