GSA Student Officer Announcements

THS Academy Student Officers

  • Student Officers 2019-2020

    Position Name
    GIS Coordinator James 
    President  Sara 
    Historian Chair Summer 
    Historian Committee Member Alvin 
    Volunteering Chair Sanjay 
    Co-Interacademy Liasion Alvin 
    Secretary Fiona 
    Enrichment Co-Chair Alexia 
    GIS Coordinator Ashley 
    PR Committee Member Andrea 
    Events Committee Member Savan 
    Events Committee Member Alicia 
    Events Committee Member Yingying 
    PR Committee Member Jonathan 
    GIS Coordinator Bibek 
    Events Committee Chair Celeste 
    PR Committee Member Merari 
    Events Committee Chair Feifei 
    Co-Inter-Academy Liasion Grace 
    Events Committee Chair Mehaa 
    Events Committee Chair Mercie 
    Vice President Sanjna 
    Master Mentor Lorraine 
    Master Mentor Ria
    Master Mentor Michael 

Global Issues Summit Leadership Teams


    GIS Coordinators & Committee Leaders 2019-2020

    THS Co-Coordinators: James, Bibek, and Ashley.
    Additional Committee Chairs and positions will be determined in September 2019.
    This year's GIS is April 25, 2019 at Travis HS.  
    Visit the website at:  
Last Modified on August 30, 2019