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  • Ananya D's Explores China with Fort Bend ISD

    Ananya D's Explores China with Fort Bend ISD

    Ananya was part of the Fort Bend ISD student delegation that traveled to China this year to experience school in China and get to learn about Chinese culture first hand. Check out her travel blog to learn about her amazing experience.

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  • Rajit's Adventures in Spain

    Rajit's Adventures in Spain

    Junior Rajit G. explored Spain with his family this summer as part of his educational and cultural growth.

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  • Morgan Batiste-Simms' Year in Moldova

    Morgan Batiste-Simms' Year in Moldova

    Morgan choose to immerse herself in the Moldovan culture for her "senior" year of high school. Morgan traveled with National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) program. She spent a year learning Russian, reading Russian literature, and spending as much time as she could learning and loving the culture of her host country. Upon her return to Clements High School in Sugar Land, she has held a cultural event for her fellow academy students sharing her experiences abroad. Click on her picture for an amazing article about her time there.

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  • China


    Although I was super excited to spend three weeks volunteering in Beijing, I was also
    nervous and scared for a great many reasons. I'd never flown anywhere by myself before,
    much less internationally for three weeks without anyone I knew. I was concerned that I'd
    miss my flight or lose my travel documents somehow and either miss the opportunity to
    study abroad or get stranded in China. I'm vegetarian and a picky eater to boot, so I was
    worried I wouldn't end up eating as much as I should since there was no one there to force
    me to finish my food.

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  • Ireland 2016

    Ireland 2016

    I'm not entirely sure if it was purely because all of Ireland was in Christmas cheer, but the Irish have to have been the nicest group of people I have ever met while traveling Europe. The Irish always seemed happy to make your acquaintance, whether you were attending their pub, grabbing some ice cream, or if you looked...

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  • Germany 2015-2016

    Germany 2015-2016

    Packing for 10 months is a humongous task…especially if you’re someone like me that feels a questionable, one sided attachment to all of her clothes. I’m stricken as I’m forced to half and third my shirts, distraught that I can’t bring all of my Toms, paralyzed that I’ll have to wear...

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  • Cultural & Enrichment Event Guidelines

    Students must complete a minimum of 4 enrichment events each academic year for the Global Studies Academy.  (An academic year is defined as the first day of school until the last).

    At least three out of the four enrichment events must be a pre-approved event from the academy calendar.   Events are added or cancelled throughout the school year. If there is an event outside of those listed, you must go through the approval process for that event.  It is not guaranteed that an event will be approved. All school enrichment events will be verified through your EventBrite Ticket and signin. For credit for events not held by the academy, you will provide a picture of yourself at the event and a one page reflection of the event, unless otherwise stated. Each event listed on the calendar will have all of the information that you need for credit. The approval process requires you to fill out the Approval Form. 

    These enrichment activities are open to all GSA students regardless of their grade level although some events may have limited capacity. 


    Rice University's Baker Institute Independent Events  

    Various independent Baker Institute Events are pre-approved as enrichment/cultural activities. The list is updated as events become available. Some events require registration and may have a cost associated with them. Review all events on the enrichment list document by clicking the link above. The individual events are not posted separately on this website, only on the document. 

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    WACH Student Diplomat Status  

    Have you participated in at least 3 WACH events? If so, you are a Student Diplomat. Earning Student Diplomat status AND attending the awards ceremony in full counts as a pre-approved event. Please fill out the form as soon as you have done at least 3 events. The events do not have to have been pre-approved by the Academy. The ceremony is May 18, 2017. Deadline to fill out form and claim status is May 8, 2017. *The Ceremony does NOT count as one one of your 3 events when tallying WACH events for the status. The Ceremony is a 4th event.


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  • Pre-Approved Independent WACH Events

    Various independent WACH events are pre-approved as cultural/enrichment activities. The list is updated as events become available. Some events require registration and may cost money. Review all events on the cultural/enrichment event document. Events will NOT be posted separately on the website, only on the document.  Attending WACH events also gives you the opportunity to earn Student Diplomat Status which in and of itself could be a pre-approved cultural/enrichment activity if all criteria are met. 

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Travel Abroad Opportunities

  • No travel abroad opportunities are sponsored by FBISD, nor does the District hold any liability/responsibility. All inquiries about the opportunities should be directed to the outside entity.

    CIEE Global Navigator Programs

    CIEE is a non-profit organization offering a variety of study abroad opportunities to students. Scholarships are available based on merit and/or financial need. Deadline for scholarship programs: Feb. 15, 2017. Travis HS is a Global Navigator School.




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