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One Family…Many Faces

In Fort Bend ISD, recognizing and appreciating cultural differences is a way of life. All students and personnel are valued members of our unique family, each playing a significant role in our success. While the world around us may often face stereotyping, Fort Bend ISD encourages staff and students to embrace that which makes us different.
By supporting an environment that facilitates and encourages safe and open dialogue on diversity, and by empowering our students to embrace their diversity, we are striving to ensure that our students will be sincerely open and equipped to work and live in a diverse world.

Speaking more than 90 languages and dialects, Fort Bend ISD is one of the most culturally diverse school districts in the state of Texas and we consider that to be a strength! These statistics illustrate the changing face of diversity in Fort Bend ISD.
Pie Charts illustrating District's diversity  
How we’ve changed over
the last 23 years (1992):
11.25 % Asian/Pacific Islander
28.56 % Black
14.42 % Hispanic
45.71 % White
0.06 % Native American
.32 % American Indian/Alaska Native
21.61 % Asian
32.80 % Black
.13 % Native Hawaiian/Other Pac. Islander
15.29 % White
27.22 % Hispanic
2.63 % Two or More Races