VATRE and Texas Public School Funding

  • What is a VATRE?

  • What happens if the VATRE does not pass?

  • Isn’t the school district receiving a windfall from property taxes?

  • Explain how “pennies” work and how many will be in the VATRE.

  • How many pennies will be in the VATRE?

  • Why 4 cents/pennies, and not more?

  • What is the difference between M&O and I&S tax rates?

  • What about the State? Didn’t they increase funding this year? What has the State done so far?

  • What about the Special Session?

VATRE Prop A - Increase Pay to Recruit & Retain High Quality Teachers and Staff

  • How will the raises be allocated among employees if the VATRE is successful?

  • Why was FBISD not able to include raises in the budget this year?

  • How do FBISD raises compare to neighboring districts?

  • How have other districts been able to afford raises, but FBISD is not able to?

  • What is the differentiated teacher step plan?

VATRE Prop A - Fund State Safety Mandate for Additional Security Personnel

  • Why is $2.5M needed for Safety and Security?

  • Why hire armed security guards instead of bringing in guardians, marshals, or our own police officers?

VATRE and Whether It Impacts You

  • Aren’t the city and county also raising their taxes? 

  • What’s the difference in tax bills if the VATRE passes? 

  • Will there be a difference in my tax bill with a VATRE?

  • I have rental property. How will the VATRE affect the tax bill on my rental property?

FBISD Finances

  • The District just passed a bond for $1.26B? Why is more money needed?

  • What will the new revenue be used for?

  • How does FBISD’s revenue compare to other districts?

  • What are options to increase revenue?

  • What has FBISD done to reduce expenses?

  • What does $40 million in reduced FBISD spending look like?

  • How does FBISD’s tax rate compare to other districts?

  • Isn’t the District’s lower tax rate only because it has higher property value per student?

  • Will a successful VATRE trigger hefty recapture payments for FBISD?

  • Does Fort Bend ISD have its financial statements audited by an external firm?

  • I have heard that FBISD is heavy at the top with administration. Is this true?

FBISD Programs, Enrollment, and Attendance

  • You mentioned that new programs have contributed to the financial situation. What new programs and positions have been added?

  • Are the new programs being evaluated for effectiveness?

  • “Under-utilized campuses” and “Low utilization of campuses” were listed as one of the causes of the district’s financial problems. What does that mean?

  • What options are there to address the low expenditure per student if the VATRE does not pass?

  • What has happened with enrollment?

  • What are you doing to increase enrollment and attendance?

  • How many students has FBISD lost to charters?