Office 365 Email on Mobile Devices

  • You can connect to your Office 365 email and calendar from iOS and Android device several ways:

    1. Open your browser and go to
    2. Use the OWA App for iPhone or OWA App for iPad from Microsoft.
    3. Configure the native Mail, Contacts, and Calendar apps in iOS or Android.
    • Choose Option 1 if you rarely access your District mail from your iOS device. This is the same address you can use to access your email using a Web browser on a desktop computer, but it launches a simplified mobile version of the Outlook Web App interface.
    • Choose Option 2 if you would like to regularly access your District email and calendar from your device, but you want to keep your District Mail and Calendar appointments separate from your personal Mail and Calendar. This option will prompt you to install the free OWA App from Microsoft via the App Store.
    • Choose Option 3 if you would like to have your District email and calendar integrated with your iOS Mail and Calendar.

    If you have just been migrated to Office 365 and already use the iOS native Mail, Contact, and Calendar apps to access your District account:

    You will need to delete your existing account in the iOS settings for Mail, Contacts, and Calendar. Follow the instructions in the Email on Mobile Devices document to set up a new account.  

    What about the new iPad apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote?

    These apps are not yet available to our Office 365 users. We hope to have these new apps documented soon.