Technology Status

  • Customer Service Center

    Effective June 1 to July 22nd, the Customer Service Center hours of operation will be Monday through Thurs, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The District is closed on Fridays.


    Known Issues

    The following are KNOWN ISSUES that our Information Technology Division is working to address, in collaboration with our external technology partners.


    Effective June 1 to July 22nd, the Customer Service Center hours of operation will be Monday through Thurs, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The District is closed on Fridays.

    Resolved Issues

    The following are issues that our Information Technology Division and external technology partners believe to be RESOLVED.

    District Network Issues (4/28/2021)

    IT is aware and working to resolve network issues that appear to be impacting BYOD wireless and VPN connectivity.  We will provide updates as they become available.

    District Website Elements Not Loading (4/27/2021)

    Fort Bend ISD is currently experiencing an issue on the home page wherein some page elements are failing to load or not loading properly. The vendor is aware of this issue and actively working on restoring functionality. There is no estimated time of repair at this time. Thank you for your patience.

    Schoology Grading Disruption (4/26/2021)

    Schoology has identified an issue with the assessment system not grading. Submissions will be stuck in Scores Pending state. The vendor is actively working on the issue and IT will communicate when resolved. No action is needed in these assessments. Once Schoology corrects the issue they will grade correctly. Thank you for your patience.

    Schoology Partial Service Disruption (4/20/2021)

    4:19PM - UPDATE

    Schoology is partially available at this time. FBISD is continuing to monitor the status of Schoology and will send an additional update when service has been completely restored. During this time, you may experience slower than normal response times. We apologize for the inconvenience and the instructional impact has been communicated to the vendor.


    Schoology is currently down and IT is working with the vendor to restore the connection. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will provide update when system is restored.

    High Latency when accessing 1Link (4/7/2021)

    Page load times have returned to normal response rate. Thank you for your patience during the event. Event started at 8:52 AM and resolved at 9:32 AM on 4/7/2021.

    Grade book sync issue in Schoology (3/8/2021)

    FBISD has observed a grade book sync issue in Schoology. We have a ticket with the vendor for this issue, at this time we do not have an estimated time of resolution. Thank you for your patience.

    FBISD has observed a grade book sync issue in Schoology. (2/25/2021)

    We have a ticket with the vendor for this issue, at this time we do not have an estimated time of resolution. Thank you for your patience.  

    Schoology OneDrive Assignments Issue (updated 2/12/2021)

    OneDrive Assignments app inside of Schoology disconnecting is now resolved. We appreciate your patience.

    Browser Error when accessing 1Link (2/24/2021)

    ClassLink support suspects the influx in user demand caused an overload which self-healed once user demand reduced to acceptable range. Browsers are no longer presenting an error when access 1Link. Event started at 7:57 AM and resolved at 10:40 AM on 2/24/2021.

    Issue with logging in to 1Link (2/10/2021)

    ClassLink support applied the necessary fix to resolve the issue and will work with Amazon Web Services to avoid future recurrence. Logins to 1Link are processing successfully at this time. Event started at 8:00 AM and resolved at 8:20 AM on 2/10/2021.

    FBISD Support Portal Access for FBISD Secondary Students (2/3/2021)

    Secondary students are able to report issues using the FBISD Support Portal.

    Users may intermittently be unable to access email or calendar in Exchange Online and also be unable to search for SharePoint Online content (1/27/2021)

    Information Technology is aware of the intermittent access issue with Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint. Microsoft support has identified the root cause and is applied a fix. We expect a resolution within the next hour. Event started at 3:00 PM and resolved at 5:00 PM on 1/27/2021.

    Network Outage

    As of this time all service on all fiber optic links have been restored. (1/13/21 12:30pm)

    OneDrive Assignments app inside of Schoology disconnecting (12/15/2020)

    Issues with the OneDrive Assignments app inside of Schoology constantly disconnecting and not letting students access work are resolved.

    1Link Login Issue (11/16/2020)

    1Link support indicates the issue has been resolved. Users are able to access 1Link. Thank you for your patience.

    HMH, Think Central, MyHRW unavailable in 1Link (11/10/2020) 

    The issue with HMH is now resolved, this platform is currently operating normally. Thank you for your patience.

    Schoology is experiencing service degradation. (11/2/2020)

    At this time you may experience pages unable to load. Schoology is aware and is actively working on a solution. This has been resolved.

    District Issued Wireless Internet Hotspots (11/02/2020)

    FBISD is aware of issues with District issued wireless internet hotspots, we are investigating. This has been resolved.

    Microsoft Teams Meetings (10/29/2020)

    The intermittent error when joining a scheduled meeting from the Microsoft Teams desktop client is now resolved.

    Schoology Loading (10/28/2020)

    At this time we are not seeing any issues with Schoology loading. Schoology has marked the issue as resolved on their side. Thank you for your patience.

    Student Account Password Expiring (10/27/2020)

    The issue with some secondary students (Middle and High School) experiencing difficulty signing in to their accounts now resolved.

    Missing Wifi (10/27/2020)

    The hardware issue with specific student laptops is now resolved. 

    Intermittent Access Issues with Microsoft 365 (10/7/2020)

    Microsoft support reversed the code change applied to resolve this issue.

    Schoology Loading (10/7/2020)

    At this time we are not seeing any issues with Schoology loading. Schoology has marked the issue as resolved on their side. Thank you for your patience.

    Slow Page Loads in 1Link (10/6/2020)

    1Link users may experience slow page loads or receive “502 Bad Gateway Error” message. Vendor support has indicated that this issue is resolved.

    Office 365 License Resolved (10/2/2020)

    In working with Microsoft the District has applied a fix to several systems that were identified as having a license/registration issue with Office 365. If your District Laptop was overlooked or is still experiencing this issue please contact (281) 634-0826. 

    Schoology Loading (10/1/2020 - 12:30 PM)

    This issue is now resolved.

    Schoology, students assigned to courses (9/30/2020)

    The process to update Schoology courses is now running.  This was preventing students from being added to their courses in Schoology.

    Access to Microsoft Office 365 Resources (9/28/2020)

    Microsoft support rerouted the impacted authentication traffic to alternate systems as a mitigation step.

    Schoology Assessments (9/23/2020)

    Assessment scores should now appear inside the assessment without issue.

    1Link Slow Login (9/21/2020)

    We've received reports regarding slow logins. 1Link is investigating and working to identify the cause and will restore service as quickly as possible.

    Student iPads cannot use the Audio Video option for Assessments and Discussion Posts in Schoology (9/17/2020)

    When the student accesses the assessment question using the 1Link browser, the student receives an error for any assessments using Audio or Video questions. A workaround for assessments not using LockDown Browser can be for the teacher to use the attachment question in the assessment. The student can then use the live camera to record a response to the question. Students on a laptop will be able to use the Camera App on their device to record the same type of message with their webcam and save and post from My Pictures.

    When the student accesses a chat message requiring an audio response, they receive a message that states, “please Use a Supported Browser’. The workaround is to have the student use the attach file option in the chat window which will allow the student to use the live camera app on the iPad to record their response.

    Schoology has been made aware and is looking into a resolution for the browser issue with LockDown Browser and the 1link, Safari, and chrome (non desktop version). Since FBISD requires students to use the 1link browser, it is not recommended to use Chrome to access assignments posted by teachers on the iPads.

    Some student laptops do not have the Microsoft Camera application installed.

    It was identified that some of the devices deployed to students do not have the latest version of Microsoft Windows installed. A communications was sent with directions for those who were affected. 

    Connectivity of District Devices (9/16/2020)

    Information Technology Services is aware of a technology issue this morning that prevented connectivity of district devices. This issue has been resolved as of 10:00am. Also, the issue impacting small number of devices using VPN on student devices accessing the network from inside a district facility has been resolved.

    Ren360 (9/8/2020)

    Teachers and students were experiencing issues logging into Ren360 from Schoology. This issue is now resolved

    Firewall and Internet (9/3/2020)

    Technology Services is investigating issues that are appearing on the District firewall and internet systems. We will send out updates as the investigation progresses, and estimated time to restoration once cause is established.

    Some users intermittently can't join Microsoft Teams meetings (Web) (8/20/2020 - 8/21/2020)

    Users may be intermittently unable to join Microsoft Teams meetings, via Microsoft Teams Web. Microsoft has identified that a recent feature update, intended to improve the Teams meeting experience has unexpectedly caused impact. This issue may potentially affect some users attempting to join Microsoft Teams meetings

    Some student laptops are encountering 'domain' or 'portal' errors when logging into Windows or our VPN client, GlobalProtect.

    In order to ensure your District-provided laptop is able to log in from home, please follow these steps very carefully.

    • Go to the nearest FBISD campus (elementary, middle, or high school)bus/car ramp
    • Restart your computer once you get in close proximity to the building
      • If the computer logs in automatically, click Start, then the profile icon, then 'Sign Out'
    • When you see the login screen, login w/ your student user ID (6 digits) and password
    • The student's name will appear on the screen, and the computer will configure itself

    Once this setup process is finished, the student profile is automatically saved to the computer and will be able to log in from anywhere

    Some users can't join Microsoft Teams meetings (8/19/2020 - 8/20/2020)

    This issue can affect any user attempting to join a meeting hosted in the North American region. Users may be intermittently unable to join Microsoft Teams meetings that are hosted in the North American region.

    An increase in traffic in the North American region has caused an issue in which users are intermittently unable to join Teams meetings or add participants to meetings. While Microsoft believes to have taken the appropriate actions to mitigate impact, due to the reoccurring nature of this issue and out of an abundance of caution, their investigation will remain active. In addition to rerouting traffic to alternate infrastructure yesterday, Microsoft has made a configuration change to performance and traffic-management parameters to mitigate impact. The service continues to look stable but monitoring will continue through US business hours

    WeVideo assignments do not work on the iPad. When accessing WeVideo from the Schoology Course, a Welcome to WeVideo message is displayed with instructions to use the desktop app or launch the WeVideo iPad app. (8/19/2020)

    The WeVideo iPad app was deployed at 11:00 AM to all district iPads. The student will need to first launch WeVideo from Schoology to activate their account.

    Once activated the student can go to the desktop of the iPad and launch the WeVideo application. Once loaded onto the screen, to log in, click the three lines on the top left of the screen and choose My Account. Click the Microsoft Red Icon to launch the Microsoft Sign in page. Enter the student email address and password. The WeVideo app will work the same as on the desktop. Once a project has been completed, the student can click the orange icon to sync the video project to the WeVideo online site to post to Schoology Assignments. Alternatively, the video can be created locally and added to the assignment as an attachment.

    A video will be provided shortly with instructions on how to use and upload videos.

    Schoology is experiencing service degradation. (8/19/2020)

    At this time you may experience pages unable to load. Schoology is aware and is actively working on a solution. Thank you for your patience. This is now resolved as of August 19 at 10 a.m.

    Teams app disappearing from some District-managed iPads (8/17/2020)

    There was a known issue with the Teams app disappearing from some District-managed iPads starting early in the day on Monday, August 17 and was resolved later that day (reports that the app was re-appearing due to the IT corrective action were reported starting at 3p). A successful workaround for Parents and Students was to re-install the Teams app from the "Self Service" app on the iPad.

    1Link/Office 365 Login Issues (8/17/2020)

    There was a known issue with some pre-K, K and 1st Grade Student accounts (a password synchronization issue confirmed with Microsoft) that is affected logins to 1Link and Office365 on Monday, August 17.

    iOS Teams app not functioning (8/9/2020 - 8/16/2020)

    The Microsoft Teams app on Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhones) was not functioning for some users, first reported August 9 7:00 PM (KB-139). This was a Microsoft system-wide error that affected some versions of iOS and many FBISD Staff and Student accounts. Microsoft resolved this issue for the FBISD tenant Sunday, August 16 (verified 3:00 PM).

    District account login errors (8/13/2020 - 8/14/2020)

    Fort Bend ISD is aware that some FBISD students were unable to log in to their District accounts after one of Thursday’s (August 13) overnight processes failed to properly upload student data. The District’s Information Technology Division addressed the issue by midday Friday (August 14) and has confirmed that all access has been restored. If you continue to experience issues, please see information below about the weekend call center. Call Center Number: 281-634-0826


    As a reminder, for various technology resources and support, visit Technology Resources for detailed information, how-to's and FAQs.