May 14, 2018 Update

May 14, 2018 Update

During the Regular Board meeting on Monday, May 14, the Fort Bend ISD administration presented its recommendations to the Board of Trustees. During the meeting, Board members took action on several of the recommendations, modified others and requested additional information on programming changes related to facilities use.

 Actions taken May 14 include recommended construction of:

  • Six elementary schools, including two rebuilds
    • New school to relieve overcrowding in schools that serve the Riverstone community. (If land in this area cannot be identified and purchased, it is recommended that classroom additions be constructed at Austin Parkway Elementary, Commonwealth Elementary and Settlers Way Elementary.)
    • Reconstruction of Lakeview Elementary
    • Reconstruction of Meadows Elementary
    • New school along Lake Olympia Parkway/Fort Bend Toll Road corridor
    • Two new schools in Ridge Point/Sienna Plantation area
  • One new middle school to serve students in the Hightower and/or Ridge Point High School areas
  • Classroom additions at three elementary schools and one middle school:
    • Neill Elementary
    • Madden Elementary
    • Elementary School 51 (located in Aliana community, expansion during construction)
    • Fort Settlement Middle School
  • Land for a future high school in the Sienna Plantation community
    • To address projected overcrowding at Ridge Point High School in the next few years, the Board conceptually supports rezoning and has asked the administration to bring an implementation plan forward regarding flexible scheduling and the impact it will have on students who may need to be rezoned in the future. It is important to note there will be no rezoning for the 2018-19 school year and boundary changes would include community engagement in accordance with Board Policy FC Local.

Additionally, the Board of Trustees tabled several recommendations related to programming, and requested additional information from the administration regarding these plans:

  • Plans to implement innovative instructional program at elementary schools within the Marshall High School and Willowridge High School feeder patterns to expand choice opportunities for students and improve outcomes. Currently, overall utilization of these schools is low.
  • Plans to implement innovative instructional programming at Hightower, Marshall and Willowridge High Schools to expand choice opportunities for students and improve student outcomes. Currently, utilization of these schools is imbalanced, especially as compared to Ridge Point High School.


Community Meetings held May 29 and May 30 - Update 

Following discussions at the May 14, Board meeting, the administration held two community meetings to share additional information with the Ridge Point, Hightower, Marshall and Willowridge communities. During these meetings, the administration shared how it is responding to Board and community feedback regarding the previously discussed recommendations, and its plans to share updated recommendations during the June 11 Board meeting for possible action on June 18.

The FAQ’s below include commonly asked questions during the two meetings.

May 29 – Ridge Point High School community meeting

May 30 – Hightower, Marshall and Willowridge community meeting