June 8, 2020 Update

During the regular Board Meeting on Monday, June 8, the Fort Bend ISD administration provided the Board with an update to the original 2018 Facilities Master Plan recommendations previously approved by the Board.

Overall, substantial progress toward the completion of each recommendation has been made due to key projects being included in the 2018 Bond Program and staff undertaking substantial planning efforts.

Three specific recommendations were presented:


o Elementary 52: The plan includes a new elementary to relieve Palmer ES and Parks ES, and the most recent demographics projections show that the school will not be needed until 2024-25. Based on these revised projections and concerns that enrollment may slow because of the current economic crisis, staff recommends postponing construction of ES 52 to open in 2024-25, instead of 2022-23 as originally planned.


o Elementary 54: The plan includes two new elementary schools (ES 54 and ES 55) for the Sienna community, to relieve Heritage Rose ES, Leonetti ES, and Sienna Crossing ES. Neither of these schools were included in the 2018 Bond Program, even though ES 54 was projected to open in 2022-23. It was discussed that the District would use a reimbursement agreement to begin construction of the school, in anticipation of a bond election in November 2021. At this time, again due to concerns about a potential slowdown in enrollment growth, staff recommends planning toward opening the school in 2023-24. Staff is prepared to implement various strategies to manage over utilized schools in this area.


o Innovative Programming: The plan includes innovative instructional programming in the Marshall and Willowridge Feeder Patterns. There has been progress made toward developing and implementing programs, with plans to roll out additional programs in future years. At the February 2020 Board Meeting, the Board requested staff develop a comprehensive plan for the development and rollout of innovative instructional programs for the Marshall and Willowridge Feeder Patterns, as well as other instructional programs addressed in the District Strategic Plan. Staff is working to develop a planning timeline to publish a comprehensive plan by June 2021. The administration is preparing for a one-year planning horizon to address Board expectations regarding equity and community collaboration.


Long-Range Planning

  • In February 2020, the Board requested staff develop a comprehensive plan for innovative instructional programs.
    • Staff is working to develop a planning timeline to publish a comprehensive plan by June 2021.
    • Goal will be a comprehensive, aligned plan to support efficient building usage with a focus on adding value through programming.
  • Staff plans to recommend as November 2021 Bond Election, with careful consideration of the overall economic situation and taxpayer sentiment at that time.


  • Delays of the bond election would affect project timelines for certain projects in the plan.


Additional New Construction

  • Additional Agriculture Facility
    • Expected Occupancy 2022-2023
    • Location: Highway 521
    • Schools to utilize facility: EHS, HHS, RPHS, and HS 12


  • New Transportation Facility
    • Expected Occupancy: 2024-2025
    • Location: Highway 521


To review the video of the discussions and actions, visit the Board of Trustees website.