General Student Transfers

  • Updated: April 19, 2017

    All students who were transfer students in 2016-17 will be allowed to remain as a transfer student without completing a new Student Transfer Application, with the exception of students transitioning to middle or high school. Parents of students in a transition year (fifth or eighth grade) will have to complete a new transfer application at the end of fifth grade (before entering sixth grade) and at the end of eighth grade (before entering ninth grade). [Student Transfers will be based on meeting transfer criteria and space availability.]

    Important: The criteria for 2017-18 transfer eligibility has changed.

    To secure the fidelity of Fort Bend ISD’s long-range planning efforts and support more effective management of the District’s continued growth, FBISD will no longer accept Student Transfer requests unless the student meets one of the following conditions:

    1. The student has a serious medical/mental/psychological health condition, documented by appropriate medical personnel, and the documentation indicates the student’s needs cannot be met at the student’s home campus. Transfer decisions will be delayed until documents are received.
    2. A student is a victim of a documented physical assault and the student committing the assault is at the victim’s home campus.

    This change will also help FBISD to operate in a way that is more operationally efficient and fiscally prudent. Further, the new FBISD transfer eligibility criteria are more in line with the practices of other large, fast-growth districts in our area and throughout the state.

    Student Transfers will be based on meeting transfer criteria and space availability, and will continue to be subject to space availability at campuses. Please click here for 2017-2018 Guidelines for General Student Transfers.

    Note for High School Students: Students with at least sophomore status who move within Fort Bend ISD boundaries, and seniors who move within or outside of FBISD boundaries, may be eligible to remain at their current campus. More information about this one-time option can be found in the “2017-2018 Guidelines for General Student Transfers” document.  Change of Address-Transfer Application will be available at the campus. 

    Note for rising 9th grade students impacted by the 2015-2016 high school boundary changes (Grandfather Agreement): Rising ninth-grade students who have older siblings rising to the 12th grade (and therefore were not affected by the 2015-16 boundary changes) can choose to attend the same campus as their older sibling, but transportation will only be provided through the older sibling’s graduation.

    Please contact Department of Student Affairs at 281-327-2829 for General Student Transfers or Grandfather Agreement application. 

FBISD Employee Student Transfers

  • Updated: April 24, 2017

    FBISD Employee Student Transfers for the 2017/18 school year is closed.  

    Note: Newly hired full-time FBISD employees or a current full-time FBISD employee with a change in assignment to a different work location may contact the Department of Student Affairs at (281) 327-2829 within 10 business days from employment date to inquire about a student transfer.  Information can be found here [log in with your FBISD credential: firstname.lastname]


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