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    2019-20 Public Education Grant (PEG) Transfers

    Updated February 7, 2019


    For the 2019-20 school year, Fort Bend ISD has no identified Public Education Grant (PEG) campuses. In accordance with federal guidelines, students currently on PEG transfers may remain at the non-PEG transfer campus for the duration of their current level (e.g. elementary, middle, or high) or they may return to their home campus.  Additionally, in order to keep siblings together at the same campus, parents may apply for a Special Circumstance Transfer (SCT) to unite the siblings at the non-PEG transfer campus.  Parents will continue to be responsible for transportation. 


    Parents wishing to have their students remain at the non-PEG transfer campus will need to complete an Intent to Remain at Non-PEG Campus form.  Students are expected to meet attendance and discipline expectations applicable for any transfer student.  PEG transfer students transitioning to middle or high school will be returning to their zoned campuses since PEG transfers will not be offered for the 2019-20 school year.


    Intent to Remain at Non-PEG Campus forms will be available for pick-up on the non-PEG transfer campus from the front office until March 8, 2019.   Completed forms should be returned to the non-PEG tranfer campus front office and will be accepted until March 8, 2019.


    Public Education Grant (PEG) Transfer - FAQs



    2018-19 Attendance Boundary Change Transfers

    (Applicable to Baines and First Colony Middle School students, only)

    The acceptance window for 2018-19 Attendance Boundary Change Transfers has closed.  8th grade students without an approved transfer will need to attend their newly zoned campus of Thornton Middle School.


    2018-19 Special Circumstances Transfers

    All students approved for a Special Circumstance Transfer (formerly known as a General Student Transfer) in 2017-2018 will be allowed to remain on a transfer without completing a new application.  The exception to this is students transitioning to middle or high school. Parents of students in a transition year (fifth or eighth grade) will have to complete a new transfer application at the end of fifth grade (before entering sixth grade) and at the end of eighth grade (before entering ninth grade).  


    Special Circumstance Transfers are based on specific criteria and transportation is not provided.  Approvals are based on space availability and excludes campuses designated as “closed” in the 2018-19 school year.  The parent/guardian of any student currently enrolled in Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) or a student 18 years of age or older currently enrolled in FBISD may apply for a Special Circumstance Student (formerly General Student) transfer to a campus other than the home campus if the student meets one of the three criteria below.  


    1. The student has a serious medical/mental/psychological health condition, documented by appropriate medical personnel, and the documentation indicates the student’s needs cannot be met at the student’s home campus. Transfer decisions will be delayed until documents are received.


    1. A student is a victim of a documented physical assault and the student committing the assault is at the victim’s home campus.


    1. A student is a victim of documented bullying which has been verified by the home campus.


    For more information please contact the Department of Student Affairs at or (281) 327-2829.  


    The following campuses are open for Special Circumstance Transfers for the 2018-19 school year, based on projected campus utilization.

    • Glover Elementary
    • Barbara Jordan Elementary
    • Leonnetti Elementary
    • Mission Bend Elementary
    • Ridgegate Elementary
    • Baines Middle School
    • Hodges Bend Middle School
    • Missouri City Middle School
    • Quail Valley Middle School
    • Hightower High School
    • Kempner High School
    • Marshall High School
    • Willowridge High School


    The following campuses are closed for the 2018-19 school year, based on projected campus utilization.

    • Colony Meadows Elementary
    • Commonwealth Elementary
    • Highlands Elementary
    • Madden Elementary
    • Pecan Grove Elementary
    • Sullivan Elementary
    • Fort Settlement Middle School
    • Ridge Point High School


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