Universal Screener: Renaissance 360

  • Renaissance 360 is the Fort Bend ISD District Adopted Universal Screener.

    What is a universal screening?

    Universal screening is an assessment process used with all students within a given grade, school, or district for the purposes of identifying or predicting students who may be at risk academically. Screenings are administered at a minimum of three times per year: beginning of year (BOY), middle of year (MOY), and end of year (EOY).


    What are Renaissance 360 Assessments?

    Renaissance 360 assessments are short tests that provide teachers with learning data.  These tests are computer adaptive, which means they tailor each testing experience to the individual student, selecting items that match each student’s performance level.  This helps teachers get viable data to support student success in a short amount of time.  The average assessment times are between 15 to 25 minutes.  Students may take a Renaissance 360 assessment for early literacy, math, or reading.

    Please note, Renaissance 360, "Star 360," is the district-adopted universal screener for Early Literacy, Reading, and Math. This screener is NOT part of the state STAAR testing system.


    How do teachers use Renaissance 360 Assessments?

    Teachers analyze student data to learn what students already know, what they are ready to learn next, and to determine which students may need additional help.  


    Renaissance 360 Scoring Guide








    Compares student performance over time and across grades


    Compares to other students nationally

    Example: a student who scores an 80 percent performs as well or better than 80 percent of other students in the same grade

    The range a student is likely to score if the test is taken again within a short amount of time

    An estimate of where the student is along a grade level or developmental continuum.


    A score used nationally but will not be used to make instructional decisions. 

    Range of readability levels

    Helps students select what to read (not too easy; not too difficult)

    Highest reading level in which a student is proficient.  This level can be used to select appropriate books for students.


    How do Renaissance 360 Assessments support targeted instruction for my child?

    By pinpointing exactly what each student knows, teachers can personalize instruction to ensure your child keeps growing on their journey to mastery.


    The video below walks you through the Renaissance 360 parent report for math and reading.


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