Enrichment Requirements

  • Students in the Class of 2019 and beyond, enrolled in the academy, are required to participate in a minimum of one enrichment activity per grading term. Students are required to keep track of their enrichment activities through Schoology for any approved outside enrichment activities they attend. Students will submit any off campus enrichment activities as assignments in Schoology by December 9, 2021 for the fall semester and May 12, 2022 for the spring semester.

    Below are pre-approved enrichment activities. If you would like to get an activity approved as an enrichment activity, please contact the High School Programs Coordinator with details about the activity describing how the activity enriches your academy education. 

Industry Representative Presentations

  • 2022-2023 MedSci Academy Monthly Meeting Dates

    Medical Science Academy Student Monthly Meeting counts as an enrichment. See the meeting schedule below.   

    September 7th

    October 5th

    November 2nd

    December 7th

    January 11th

    February 8th*

    March 8th

    April 5th

    May 3rd

    For an updated list of lectures please visit the HMNS site here

    Are you needing to get some last minute enrichment activities completed? Check out our list of last minute enrichment activity ideas:

    1) Attend your local museum -Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land

    2) Visit the Health Museum

    3) Have another idea? Let Mrs. Boston know. Complete the approval form below.

    Approval Request for Off Campus Enrichment Activity


    Off-Campus events/activities should be educational in nature and focus on a medical/science (MedSci Academy) topic.  The event must be one that is open to the general public.  Please email Donald.Lam@forbendisd.com to have the event considered.

    Proof of Attendance for All Outside Enrichment Opportunities:

    Ticket/Receipt if applicable

    Selfie with logo in background

    Summary of event

    * All items must be submitted into Schoology within three days of the event.