Academy Forms

  • Looking for a field trip sign-up sheet or other type of Academy form? Scroll through the various forms below. If you are unable to locate the form needed, contact Mrs. Boston for assistance.


  • Tutorial Verification 

    Hightower High School Y.E.S Forms
    Y.E.S. Contract- This form MUST be submitted to the counseling office before you are able to earn Y.E.S hours. 
    Y.E.S. Community Service Reporting Form- This form MUST be submitted to the counseling office within six month of service to receive credit for Y.E.S hours.
    Y.E.S. Community Service Reporting Log-
    Please use this log in addition to the Service Reporting Form if you are volunteering at the same location for multiple days.

    Mentorship Program Forms
    2017-2018 Mentor Contract- All mentors are required to have a copy of the contract on file with the Academy Coordinator. Contract must have parent/guardian's signature. 
    MedSci Academy- Mentor/Mentee Information Form- Complete this form to receive contact and other information about your mentor/mentee.
    Mentor Communication Log- This form is to be used by Academy mentors to ensure they are working with their mentees on a regular basis and following the Academy Mentorship Program guidelines.   

    Enrichment Activity Log
    Outside Enrichment Activity Log - As part of the new academy requirements, the students in the class of 2019 must attend at least one enrichment activity per grading period for a total of 4 enrichment activities for the year. For students graduating in 2018, this form does not apply to you.

    Student Permission Form
    Student Permission Form - This form must be completed before an academy student can participate in any of the academy-related field trips planned for the 2017-2018 school year.

    Voluntary Withdrawal Form
    Voluntary Withdrawal Form - this is the form needed to withdraw from the academy, voluntarily. Please submit either by email or in person to Office K-1.