Fort Bend ISD MatchBook! Competition – Grades 3-5

  •  Rules and Regulations


    • The FBISD MatchBook! Competition is open to any FBISD school or affiliated charter school. Schools may send one team to compete in each level in which they qualify.
    • Students in grades 3-5 may participate in the competition. Team selection and configuration is at the discretion of the sponsor.
    • Three to six students may make up a team with one official alternate who sits in the audience. One student is designated to serve as captain. 
    • Additional parents, faculty and students from the school may come to observe.

    “Book Reading” Competition  Reading List

    • The official reading list will be published on website.
    • The list is based on state and national notable book lists as well as through recommendations from contest sponsors from the prior year. The book list is comprised of the 20 current Texas Bluebonnet nominated titles plus additional titles.


    • Each contest will consist of five (5) rounds, with each round consisting of five (5) questions. There is a break after the third round so the contest is divided into two sessions with a total of 25 questions in the contest.
    • The alternate may substituted during the break between sessions, or in the case of illness or other emergency at the discretion of the sponsor.
    • Questions, statements or quotations will be read by an announcer and will be read one time only.
    • Each quotation will be addressed to all teams at the same time.
    • After the quotation is read, each team will have 45 seconds to discuss and write the answer on a small dry erase board. Anyone on the team may write the answer. Each team captain will stand when time is called and display their team’s answer when requested to do so. No one will be allowed to write after time has been called or while standing. Each team will be provided a printed title list to reference when determining their answer. Students should write ONLY on the whiteboard provided. No other paper should be used or written on during competition, including the printed title list.
    • Questions are predominately quotes. For some books, physical or audio clues are also possible. An audio clue might be a song that is played for all to hear. A physical clue might be an object that played an important role in the plot of the book. A physical clue will be displayed to all teams at the same time.
    • No authors’ names will be required. Words from a title may be present in the quotation.
    • No team should display his or her team’s answer until requested to do so.
    • The book title must be complete and exact. Minor spelling errors will not be penalized. A title will consist of all words and punctuation up to a colon or semi-colon. The board cannot be erased until all teams’ answers have been verified in case a board needs to be rechecked.
    • Teams will not be penalized for not writing the articlesa, an or the when they precede the title. Handwriting must be legible.
    • A team may protest the answer to a question. Teams are limited to two (2) protests per session. Any protest must be made at the end of each question, after each team has displayed an answer. To register a protest, a team member must raise the protest flag; the protesting team member only will meet with the sponsor and discuss the protest. The team member will approach the judges to present their case. Three minutes are allowed to resolve the protest.
    • A team may protest their own answer only, not the answer of another team.
    • In the case of a tie at the end of Round 5, a “sudden death” round of additional questions will be asked until one of the tied teams misses a question. Fewer than but no more than ten (10) additional questions may be asked during the sudden death tie breaker.


    • Judges will arbitrate questions about answers, ties and protests.
    • The judges may penalize teams for inappropriate behavior such as outbursts, disrespectful or unsportsmanlike conduct.
    • All judges’ decisions are final.


    • The number of preliminary competitions to be held will be based on number of teams competing. A Finals competition will be held if multiple preliminary competitions are held.  The top team(s) from each preliminary contest will advance to the Finals competition.  The number of teams advancing to the Finals competition will vary based on the number of preliminary competitions being held.
    • Award, certificates, medals and trophies are awarded based on the number of teams competing. All students competing will be recognized in some form.