Book Concerns

  • Parents and guardians have the final say on their child's reading choices, although the district assists in selection. They're encouraged to communicate with librarians and teachers regarding any concerns. Parents can choose alternative materials for their child if needed. 

    For more details, visit the following link. FBISD EF Board Policy

    Guiding Principles:

    1. Parents control their child's access to resources, but not other children.
    2. Resource access will not be restricted during reconsideration unless individually requested.
    3. Resources are assessed for educational suitability and age appropriateness.
    4. Materials will not be removed due to differing viewpoints.

    Complaint Process:

    1. Schedule an informal discussion with school staff to discuss concerns.
    2. A Campus or District Reconsideration Committee will review materials if necessary.
    3. Complainants can appeal to the Board if unsatisfied with the committee’s decision.

    If the materials are found at more than one campus, fill out Exhibit A linked below to begin the Formal Reconsideration process. Email the completed form to


  • Reconsidered Instructional Materials List
    Do Not Order List Elementary Do Not Order List Secondary Limited Access