• The Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) must offer students a variety of relevant, high-skill work-based learning experiences at every grade level that respond to student interest and regional employer needs and contribute to students earning aligned industry certifications and credentials.

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  • 6.1: Work-Based Learning Continuum

    6.1: Work-Based Learning Continuum

    The P-TECH and business/industry partner(s) shall collaborate to ensure the P-TECH provides the following:

    a. Age-appropriate work-based learning for students in the P-TECH at every grade level that includes career exploration, career preparation, and career training
    b. Work-based learning experiences that are well-planned and properly sequenced to provide a progression of learning experiences for students—each one building upon the last
    c. Curriculum alignment among high school, postsecondary, and industry work-based learning experience requirements

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  • 6.2: Work-Based Learning Offerings

    6.2: Work-Based Learning Offerings

    Work-based learning may include, but is not limited to facility visits, guest speakers, presentations, career information, career fairs, interview training, skill development, resume workshops, informational interviewing, job shadowing, internships, mentoring, and apprenticeships.

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  • 6.3: Student Participation

    6.3: Student Participation

    The P-TECH and business/industry partner(s) shall ensure that students:

    a. are provided opportunities to reflect on their work experiences.
    b. demonstrates their learning in writing, portfolio, presentation, digital or by other means.
    c. understands the connection between their work-based learning and academics.

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