Enrichment Activities

  • Students must complete a minimum of 4 enrichment events each academic year for the International Business & Marketing Academy.  (An academic year is defined as the first day of school until the last).

    At least three out of the four enrichment events must be a pre-approved event from the academy calendar.   Events are added or cancelled throughout the school year. If there is an event outside of those listed, you must go through the approval process for that event.  It is not guaranteed that an event will be approved. All school enrichment events will be verified through your EventBrite Ticket and signin. For credit for events not held by the academy, you will provide a picture of yourself at the event and a one page reflection of the event, unless otherwise stated. Each event listed on the calendar will have all of the information that you need for credit. The approval process requires you to fill out the Approval Form

    These enrichment activities are open to all IBMA students regardless of their grade level although some events may have limited capacity. 
    Enrichment and Volunteer Opportunities are posted and updated regularly in the weekly newsletter sent to your FBISD student email from the Academy Coordinator. 

Year Long Enrichment Opportunities

  • Active DECA membership for one complete Academic year:

      1. To earn this status, you must do all of the following and have supporting documentation:
        1. Satisfactory Meeting attendance as defined by Ms. Watassek (minimum 75%)
        2. Pay the required $45 dues by designated deadline
        3. Compete at DECA District 3 Competition
        4. Participate in the annual community service activity
      2. Attendance/credit is verified through:  all items documented via your points sheet. This should be verified by Ms. Watassek and attached to your log. Ms. Watassek must also sign your verification log
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Last Modified on November 1, 2022