Timeline of Sugar Land Events and Frequently Asked Questions

Q & A

  • When did Fort Bend ISD purchase the 65 acre site where the remains were discovered, and where studies done on the site at time of purchase?

  • How and when did Fort Bend ISD locate human remains at the James Reese Career and Technical Center?

  • Will the remains of the Sugar Land 95 undergo genetic testing? How can the public contribute to the fundraising?

  • The media mentions legislative action taken that would allow the County to operate the cemetery, what steps were taken after that action?

  • How did Fort Bend ISD exhume the remains and ensure they are respectfully treated?

  • Are the remains those of former slaves?

  • How will Fort Bend ISD memorialize these individuals and teach future generations about this piece of forgotten history?

  • What is the timeline for identifying a community partner to maintain the cemetery?

  • How long can FBISD maintain the historic cemetery?

  • What is the Sugar Land 95 Report?

  • What is Fort Bend ISD doing to education the community about the Sugar Land 95 and the roles of convict leasing?

  • Will Fort Bend ISD pursue a historic cemetery designation for the site?

  • What is Fort Bend ISD doing to memorialize the Sugar Land 95 at the site of the James Reese Career and Technical Center?