• The Vision of the Early Literacy Centers is to empower all students with the critical literacy skills necessary for success in school and beyond.

    The Mission of the Early Literacy Centers is to equip all students with grade-level reading skills by the end of first grade.
    Philosophy - FBISD believes literacy is the foundation for learning and is accomplished through a community of learners who engage in authentic reading, writing, speaking, and listening experiences.

    Core Belief - Literacy is essential to success in life.


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    In August 2017, FBISD opened the doors of the Ridgemont Early Literacy Center(ELC) that currently serves PreK-1st grade children in the Marshall High School feeder pattern. The Ridgemont Early Literacy Center emphasis the development of emergent literacy across subjects and grade levels. The center's program model follows an extended school year, co-teaching model in all grade levels, a community partnership with Baker Ripley Neighborhood Centers, and a wraparound approach to support family needs. For more details on the Ridgemont Early Literacy Center visit: https://www.fortbendisd.com/RMEELC. Follow the school on Twitter @_earlyliteracy


    Based on the impressive academic gains obtained at the Ridgemont ELC, data indicated an expansion of this model would be beneficial within additional school feeder patterns. A needs assessment utilizing various student achievement data points denoted the best fit for the new ELC is within the Marshall High School feeder pattern. Therefore, FBISD is preparing to open a second ELC in Hunters Glen in August 2020. The Hunters Glen Early Literacy Center(ELC) will serve the Dr. Lynn Armstrong Elementary, E. A. Jones Elementary, Hunters Glen, and Glover Elementary families.  The Hunters Glen ELC will follow the exact instructional and staffing model of the Ridgemont ELC. For more information about the Hunters Glen ELC visit: https://www.fortbendisd.com/HGELC