• Work to date

    To date, the District has reached out to elementary parents in attendance boundaries in proximity to Elementary School 51 (Malala Yousafzai Elementary) and to parents of high school students attending schools in the southeast portion of the District to solicit focus group membership for each of these boundary planning processes. 

    The focus groups were established and have met to review and discuss several boundary options. Each focus group provided input on each option and also developed additional options to be considered.  These various attendance boundary options will be presented to the community during the week of December 10 for feedback during community meetings.   

    December Community Meetings

    The District is dedicated to completing this work in a collaborative and transparent way. Members of the community will have multiple opportunities to learn more about the current boundary options and to engage in this phase of the planning process by providing feedback.  Staff will study and give full consideration to the feedback from the community. Ultimately, the administration will seek Board approval of the attendance boundaries associated with the opening of ES 51 and the balancing of high school enrollment in the southeast portion of the District in early 2019. 

    Elementary 51 (Malala Yousafzai Elementary) Boundary Options

    Boundary options that will be presented to the community during the week of December 10 for Elementary 51 include changes to some elementary boundaries in the feeder patterns below. Note:  Some options include subsequent changes to middle and high school boundaries to align feeder patterns and balance projected utilization in the feeder pattern.

    • Austin High School Feeder Pattern
    • Bush High School Feeder Pattern
    • Kempner High School Feeder Pattern
    • Travis High School Feeder Pattern


    High School Boundary Options

    Boundary options that will be presented to the community during the week of December 10 for balancing high school enrollment in the southeast portion of the district include the following high school attendance boundaries.  Note: Boundary options include a subsequent change to a middle school boundary which does not currently have students residing in the area.  Elementary attendance boundaries are unchanged in each of the options.

    • Elkins High School
    • Hightower High School
    • Ridge Point High School
    • Marshall High School
    • Willowridge High School

    Information about the boundary options will be presented during the week of December 10, with feedback opportunities online and during community meetings.

    1. Staff will present the various boundary options to the Board of Trustees publicly during the Monday, December 10 Board workshop.  Please note the Board will not take action on the possible options at this point in the process, and there will be no recommendation for consideration until we have conducted the three community meetings and allowed ample time for community feedback.  Video of Board workshops is available online following each Board meeting.
    2. Access a boundary planning presentation and an online survey Tuesday, December 11 through January 5 at www.fortbendisd.com/boundaryplanning.  This presentation will be the same one shared with the community during the community meetings.
    3. Attend a community meeting to view the boundary planning presentation and provide feedback through the online survey. 

    Please note the District is in the feedback phase of the boundary planning process and your feedback is valuable. During the week of December 10, please plan to access the presentation online or attend one of the community meetings and provide feedback on each boundary option.  Staff will review and consider all feedback to further refine options for presentation to the Board for consideration in early 2019.


    If you have questions about the boundary planning process please submit them through our Let's Talk feature on the website. We are looking forward to engaging with the community during this important work.


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