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FBISD implements safety measures for 2019-20 school year as part of 2018 Bond

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! As Fort Bend ISD prepares to welcome more than 76,000 students back to school, we want to inform you of a few safety and security upgrades the District is making as a result of the 2018 Bond.


Floor-mounted door locks

As school safety is our top priority, the District has installed over 7,300 RhinoWare floor-mounted door locks in all classrooms that contain students across FBISD. RhinoWare door barricade locks provide students and staff an added layer of security by keeping those inside the classroom safe from any threat outside of the class.


District staff has completed interactive hands-on training and demonstration. You can learn more about how the RhinoWare door locks enhance safety by viewing this instructional video.


New ID Badging System

FBISD is also excited to introduce the new ScholarChip student and staff badging system that will allow us to know, in real time, when students and staff enter and leave campus and other District facilities. As students enter their assigned campus each day, they will swipe the badge at the high-speed kiosk to gain entry into the building. The system will alert monitoring staff of students who are not enrolled at the campus or have been expelled or suspended. Badges will be deactivated as students withdraw or graduate from their current campus. Students will also use their badges for library checkout, cafeteria meal payments and for check-in to campus services (such as the counseling and nurse’s office) and before and after-school events.


Issuance of the new student badges will begin in September. Once students receive their badges, we encourage parents to remind their students to wear them daily.


Emergency Call Boxes

For the safety of our students and staff members, 44 emergency call boxes are now available on various campuses and district facilities providing direct access to police in the event of an emergency.  Every high school has two emergency call boxes available to students and staff. Each middle school campus, the agricultural centers, and Mercer and Hall stadiums, all have solar-powered call boxes with one-touch button access to FBISD Dispatch.


Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE)

In light of the recent tragic shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, it is important to inform you about FBISD Police Department’s continued commitment to offering the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) Training to students, staff and citizens. The course teaches individuals how to be prepared should an active shooter event occur not only in school, but anywhere in the community.


CRASE Training is also offered to community members, faith-based organizations, hospitals and businesses. Courses are available throughout the year, by request. For more information, call 281-634-5504.


For the latest updates and information, follow our Twitter accounts @ChiefDavidRider, and @FBISDPolice. As always, we appreciate your continued support in helping ensure safe and secure learning environments in FBISD. Keeping our students safe takes all of us working together.




Chief David Rider

Fort Bend ISD Police Department


More information about safety drills and training can be found on the Fort Bend ISD PD website.