• School Safety - Information and Resources

    Fort Bend ISD is committed to the safety of all students and staff. In light of the recent tragic shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH it is important to provide information about new safety measures implemented for the 2019-20 school year.

    We created this webpage to provide more information about our safety procedures and resources that are available for our students and staff to help keep our schools safe. For the latest updates, follow our Facebook page, Fort Bend ISD, and follow us on Twitter, @FBISDPolice @FBISDChiefRider so you can stay up-to-date with the latest information.  

    Update - February 13, 2023:

    The District’s proactive approach to student safety consists of security investments from the 2018 Bond Program. The installation of over 7,300 RhinoWare floor-mounted door locks help circumvent the potential for tragedies in our schools and district facilities. The implementation of the ScholarChip system, emergency call boxes, Crisis Intervention Unit and a new incident-reporting application are additional tools we utilize to maintain the highest level of security across Fort Bend ISD.

    See Something, Share Something Mobile App

    As a component of the ScholarChip ID System, the See Something, Share Something mobile app allows students, staff and the community the ability to submit crime tips, report incidents and suspicious activity anonymously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from a mobile device to FBISD police. The District’s first-ever mobile app empowers students, staff, and parents to play an active role in identifying and reporting suspicious activity and bullying. The app is available for download using a unique QR Code located on the back of all new student and staff ScholarChip ID badges, Apple Store, Google Play Store, or via desktop computer at www.FortBendISD.com/SeeShare. Promotional posters that include the QR code have been distributed to all campuses and district facilities. FBISD video production and criminal justice students developed an engaging educational video used to motivate students to use the app to report incidents to police.  

    RhinoWare floor-mounted door locksEmergency Call Box

    As school safety is our top priority, the District has installed over 7,300 RhinoWare floor-mounted door locks in all classrooms that contain students across FBISD. RhinoWare door barricade locks provide students and staff an added layer of security by keeping those inside the classroom safe from any threat outside of the class.

    District staff has completed interactive hands-on training and demonstration. You can learn more about how the RhinoWare door locks enhance safety by viewing this instructional video.

    Emergency Call Boxes

    For the safety of our students and staff members, 44 emergency call boxes are now available on various campuses and district facilities providing direct access to police in the event of an emergency.  Every high school has two emergency call boxes available to students and staff. Each middle school campus, the agricultural centers, and Mercer and Hall stadiums, all have solar-powered call boxes with one-touch button access to FBISD Dispatch. 

    The 2021 Safety and Security Master Plan Update - includes information about the District's safety and security plan.

    Services & Programs

    Public Safety

    • School Resource Officers- Fort Bend ISD Police Officers are assigned to each secondary campus and they have dedicated patrol officers specifically for elementary schools. All officers are licensed by the State of Texas and enforce Fort Bend ISD policies, applicable ordinances, and state laws. The Police Department provides a multitude of police-related services for our students, staff, and community.
    • Traffic Safety Division – coordinates the District’s crossing guard program and assists with traffic concerns on and around FBISD properties.
    • Emergency Management - Fort Bend ISD has a full-time emergency management coordinator who is responsible for ensuring all staff and students are prepared for any kind of emergency.
    • Life Safety Systems - staff maintains the District's security alarms and video systems that are installed in all FBISD schools and facilities.
    • Criminal Investigation Division – investigates criminal offenses that have occurred on FBISD properties.
    • Quality Control/Community Service – provides educational programs on R.A.D. KIDS (Resisting, Aggression, Defensively), stranger danger, violence prevention, consequences of drinking and driving, alcohol awareness, bicycle safety, gun safety, and crisis management planning.


    Crime Prevention

    • Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) Training - instructors provide training to staff, parents, and community groups which teaches them what to do if they find themselves in an active attack situation.
    • Student Crime Stoppers Hotline – provides opportunities for students to report illegal activities that take place on school property by calling a tips hotline, (281) 491-TIPS (8477). All calls remain anonymous and students can receive monetary rewards for information that leads to any prosecution or arrest.
  • Regular Safety Drills and Procedures

    Fort Bend ISD has implemented Standard Response Protocols, which is part of a nationwide effort to simplify and standardize emergency response in schools. Students and staff are trained in accordance to this system and regular drills are conducted.

    • All FBISD campuses conduct a fire drill at least once a month.
    • All campuses conduct at least four lockdown drills a year, and schools have been encouraged to have at least two of these drills conducted during passing periods and lunch as we know it is important that staff and students know what to do in various scenarios throughout the day.
    • All FBISD campuses also conduct at least two safety drills each year for each of the following scenarios:
        • Secure/Lockout
        • Shelter in Place -- Severe Weather
        • Shelter in Place -- Hazardous Materials 
        • Shelter in Place -- Medical Emergency
    • For the safety of our students and staff members, all FBISD campuses have exterior doors locked during the school day. All visitors must enter at the main entrance of each school, and go through a proper vetting process before they proceed.
    • Fort Bend ISD has a full-time Emergency Management Coordinator who is responsible for ensuring all staff and students are prepared for any kind of emergency.
  • Counseling Resources

    Fort Bend ISD has counselors available for students who are experiencing distress due to any situation, and we encourage students to reach out to an adult when they are in need of support or additional assistance. We also have reminders at all of our campuses that a talk line is available 24/7 (281-240-(TALK) 8255).

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