• School Safety - Information and Resources

    Fort Bend ISD is committed to the safety of all students and staff. Following the tragedy in Florida, there have been many conversations about school safety throughout the country – and here in Fort Bend ISD.

    We created this webpage to provide more information about our safety procedures and resources that are available for our students and staff to help keep our schools safe. 

    Update - May 21, 2018:

    Fort Bend ISD Police and our campus administrators are on heightened alert following the shooting at Santa Fe High School on Friday, May 18. This includes strict adherence to our existing safety procedures and training efforts. This spring, following the tragic Florida shooting, FBISD retrained all campus emergency management liaisons in active shooter protocols. Additionally, a Community Safety Advisory Committee has met several times to discuss potential ways that Fort Bend ISD can enhance security at our campuses, and the administration anticipates that recommendations will be shared with the Board of Trustees in June. 

    Fort Bend ISD Safety Drills and Training – contains information about regular safety drills at each of our campuses 

                                                                        Safety Conversation Video Series

  • Resources:

    Crime Stoppers

    Fort Bend ISD provides ways for students to safely and anonymously report illegal activities that take place on school property. If a student sees something, or if anyone or anything threatens them in any way, we encourage them to say something by reporting it to a trusted adult, or to call our Student Crime Stoppers hotline at 281-491-TIPS (8477).

    Counseling Resources

    Fort Bend ISD has counselors available for students who are experiencing distress due to any situation, and we encourage students to reach out to an adult when they are in need of support or additional assistance. We also have reminders at all of our campuses that a talk line is available 24/7 (281-240-(TALK) 8255).

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