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Remaining safe during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has had a devastating effect on our lives – with tornado damage to homes and businesses, widespread flooding and mandatory evacuations. As with any crisis we encounter, our communities have come together to support our neighbors, both near and far.


While the storm has passed and we are beginning to feel some relief from the rainfall and flooding, we know it will take time for our community to recover, as many, many families have been impacted. While others may be curious to see the effects that Hurricane Harvey has had in our area, I strongly urge you to use your better judgement to ensure that you and your family remain safe during this time.


Here are a few additional safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Allow first responders and emergency teams to do their jobs, assess damage and begin cleanup processes.
  • Avoid driving through flood water of unknown depth. Your car can become stalled or be swept away, putting your life in danger.
  • Keep your children from wading, swimming or playing in flood waters. Snakes, fire ants and other creatures often lurk in water and can cause bodily harm.
  • Do not play or swim in creeks, bayous, rivers or streams. Waters are flowing dangerously fast and can easily claim lives.
  • Be on the lookout for displaced wildlife. Like humans, they are also searching for high ground.
  • If power was lost and water entered your home, please use extreme caution when re-energizing circuits.
  • Use personal protection (such as gloves, boots and googles) for flood cleanup in your home.


My thoughts are with all of our staff members and students who are displaced due to the storm. Please know that the FBISD Police Department, along with our FBISD leaders, will do everything we can to support our community and students.


We encourage our community to continue to stay informed, continue to follow the advice of emergency management officials, and above all else make decisions in the name of safety.