• Fort Bend ISD recently implemented a notification system that allows parents/guardians the opportunity to select the way they'd like to receive their messages.
    The new Skylert notification system allows Fort Bend ISD the ability to disseminate information based on three categories:
    • Emergency –  Emergency notifications are those regarding situations that affect the health and safety of our students, staff or community, and will reference major events such as school closings due to inclement weather. Parents will be unable to opt out of receiving Emergency messages. 
    • Attendance – Messages sent out when your child is absent from class.
    • General – Messages sent out for informational purposes that will reference various District or school events and information.

    The Skylert notification system allows schools to share information based on the parent contact information that is present in Skyward. As a parent/guardian, you will have the ability to identify your notification preferences and choose what format you would like to receive a particular type of message. Parents/guardians will login to their Skyward Family Access account to identify their notification preferences and opt in/out of specific message types. Each parent/guardian with a Family Access account can log in and set their preferences individually. 





  • Q: How can I obtain a Skyward Family Access account?

    A: Parent without Family Access accounts can request access from their student's home campus.

    Q: If I do not change my notification preferences, how will I be notified in future communication from the District?

    A: If parents do not update their preferences, only the primary guardian will receive communication notifications fro the District and campus. In situations where parents live in separate households, the primary contact in each household will receive communication notifications.

    Q: What if I do not provide an email address?

    A: It is strongly encouraged to provide at least one email address because not all communication will be sent via phone or text.