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  • About the New Student Online Enrollment Process

    Students new to Fort Bend ISD or returning to Fort Bend ISD from another school district will use the New Student Online Enrollment (NSOE) process before going to the school.

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FBISD Enrollment Process

      New to FBISD

      • 1. Gather needed documents

      • 2. View My School Zone

      • 3. Use FBISD New Student Online Enrollment (NSOE)

      • 4. Special program testing or need for additional services

      • 5. On-site appointment and school visitation

      • 6. School Bus Transportation Availability

      • 7. Enrolling Multiple Students

      Returning to FBISD

      • Students Previously Enrolled in FBISD and Returning

        Students who were previously withdrawn and are re-enrolling into the same or a different FBISD school must provide updated residential information as proof of residence in FBISD. They will need to complete the New Student Online Enrollment (NSOE) process. Parents/guardians should provide proof of prior enrollment (report cards, progress report grades, a course schedule, or enrollment verification) as proof. This information will enable school officials to determine the correct elementary grade level and/or offer accurate courses for secondary students.

        Students Currently Enrolled and Returning from DAEP/JJAEP/non-FBISD Facility

        Students returning under these circumstances are currently FBISD students and do not need to complete the NSOE steps. These FBISD students would need to “transfer” back from Ferndell, JJAEP, or any non-FBISD facility to successfully return to their home campus. Students housed at another facility for disciplinary reasons should contact the FBISD Student Affairs Department to ensure accurate re-entry into their home campus.

      Student Transfers

      • All student transfer requests are processed by the FBISD Department of Students Affairs. Students new to FBISD must be enrolled at their zoned school before applying for a transfer.

        Student Transfer Information

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