ScholarChip ID Badge System - Frequently Asked Questions

    FBISD has put into operation the ScholarChip student and staff ID badge system that allows us to know, in real time, when students and staff enter campus and other District facilities.


    Who is the primary contact person for the badges?

    Primary contact is your campus administration. For ScholarChip Business matters, contact the Fort Bend ISD Police Department at (281) 634-5500.

    For technical assistance, contact the Fort Bend ISD Information Technology Department (281) 634-1300. Within FBISD, please contact the Customer Service Center x41300 or enter an IT Support Portal ticket Support Portal for assistance.

    When will students receive their ID badges?

    Elementary students are currently receiving new ID badges. Secondary students will receive and begin to use the new IDs as the resources and supplies are obtained on each campus.

    What are the arrival and dismissal procedures?

    For elementary campuses, usage is limited to library and cafeteria meal payments.

    For secondary campuses, students will scan into the High-Speed Attendance Kiosk (or other ScholarChip device) as they enter the building. A staff member will be present to monitor the kiosk messages. The kiosk can handle two students at a time.

    There is no plan at this time for students to scan the ID badge when leaving the building.

    Are students required to take the ID badge home?

    Elementary campus students are expected to wear their badge during the day while at school. The teacher will keep the ID badge at school, as it may be used in the cafeteria to pay for lunch and for the library.  

    Secondary students are expected to wear their badges to school every day and keep them on all day (except during PE). Students should take the badge home and wear it when walking into school each morning.

    Are students required to wear the ID badge all day?

    Yes. The lanyards are designed as ‘break-away’ so that it is not a choking hazard. 

    Are lanyards provided with each ID badge? 

    Yes, plastic sleeves and lanyards will be provided. It is important to use the plastic sleeves provided. The badge slips into the sleeve, and the lanyard attaches to the sleeve. Some campuses may distribute their own lanyards. Do NOT punch any sort of hole in the ID badge. 

    What if a student forgets to bring their ID badge to school?

    Elementary student ID badges will remain on campus with the student's teacher. Secondary students will manually enter his/her ID (with leading zero) at the cafeteria point of sale machine. All campuses that use the ScholarChip high-speed attendance kiosk to scan in students will have the ability to print a temporary pass using the Dymo printer. 

    What is the ID badge replacement cost for students?

    Campuses can easily reprint a student badge. Within one school year:

    • 1st loss – no charge
    • 2nd loss - $1
    • 3rd loss - $5

    Willful destruction or defacement $5. Money goes into the campus activity fund.

    What about students that are on more than one campus? Is the student required to scan upon entry to each campus?

    Yes. The ScholarChip system is used to identify who enters Fort Bend ISD campuses and District facilities.

    Will students utilize ID badges during safety drills?  

    No, it is not necessary to check students in following campus drills.

    Will students be required to wear an ID badge during emergencies?

    We will assess each situation on a case-by-case basis and determine next steps with potential adjustments to our emergency procedures and protocols. During an evacuation, the ID badge system may be used, as this system allows for the prompt identification of students and staff.

    How much information will be displayed on the ID badge?   

    • Elementary and middle school student badges will display the student’s first and last name as recorded in Skyward.
    • High school student badges will display their name and graduation year.
    • Staff badges will display a staff member’s first and last name. No title or location will be displayed.

    What if I don’t want my child to wear an ID badge to school every day?

    Wearing an ID badge is a security requirement used district-wide to help ensure the safety of students and staff.

    Are the ID badges used for tardies when students arrive late?

    Campuses have the option to use the tardy feature in ScholarChip. Once the time turns from “on time” to “tardy,” when the student scans their badge on the kiosk, a tardy pass will print. No information is shared to Skyward regarding attendance, including tardies.   

    What about entrance from portables?

    Staff monitor student entrances. Campuses have the discretion to utilize the ID badge system at these entrances anytime of the day, including during class changes.

    Is there parent access to the ID badge system to check on a child?  

    No, there is no parent access to the system.

    Will IDs be used to scan students on to buses?

    FBISD is working with ScholarChip to test the Transportation Module. If successful, the district will pursue purchasing this module.

    What security measures prevent confidential student or staff information from being skimmed from the RFID chip in a ScholarChip ID badge?

    Each ScholarChip ID card is created with a unique serial number. An encrypted Card ID number is generated and assigned to the student or staff member when the ScholarChip ID card is printed for identification usage. Therefore, any information that could be obtained via illegal means would not contain sensitive or confidential information.

    How can an FBISD staff member obtain a replacement ID badge?

    Human Resources will replace staff badges. For staff badge replacement, contact Human Resources.