• School Boundary Oversight Committee (SBOC)


    Update: School Boundary Oversight Committee established in October


    Throughout the last several months, Fort Bend ISD has been continuously working to refine the attendance boundary development process in accordance with revisions to Board Policy FC (Local). During the September 23rd Board meeting, the Board considered some additional policy revisions to provide clarity and better define the process and role of the oversight committee.  The Board of Trustees approved the School Boundary Oversight Committee (SBOC) membership roster during the October 21st Board meeting.


    The District is appreciative of all of the community members who submitted applications to be a part of this committee and notified them of their membership status in October.

  • Background


    In May 2019, the FBISD Board of Trustees modified Board Policy FC (Local) that addresses school attendance areas and established the development of the School Boundary Oversight Committee (SBOC).  During the September 23rd Board meeting, the Board considered some additional policy revisions to provide clarity and better define the process and role of the oversight committee.  As defined in Board Policy FC (Local), school attendance boundaries are established by the Board upon recommendation of the Superintendent, with oversight for the Board by the SBOC. Policy also states that school attendance boundaries shall change whenever a new school is needed, a need to balance enrollment exists, or when it is determined to be in the best interest of students. The SBOC is comprised of four representatives (parents and community members) from each high school feeder pattern. The purpose of the committee is to review student enrollment projections and provide input regarding school boundary recommendationsThe SBOC will also be involved with gaining community input on any proposed school boundary recommendations by holding public hearings in any areas that could be affected.  


    School Attendance Boundary Change Process


    For the adoption of attendance boundaries for new schools or changes in attendance boundaries for existing schools, the Board will provide input through the SBOC, comprised of parents and community members. The work of the committee will align with the Decision Principles detailed in Board Policy FC (Local) in addition to other relevant District policies. Furthermore, the SBOC will solicit comments, questions, and suggestions from community members, taking this feedback into consideration during SBOC deliberation. Finally, the SBOC and staff will review community input to develop and reach consensus on the Final Recommendations and Report. The Final Report will include a rationale, be consistent with the Decision Principles, and include evidence of community input consideration. Staff will present the Final Report to the Board. The Board will take appropriate action on establishment of school attendance boundaries. Please see the graphic below for an overview of the School Attendance Boundary Change Process Overview.

     School Attendance Boundary Change Process Overview



    SBOC Membership


    Committee membership will align with the following guidelines:


    • Four representatives from each high school feeder pattern. Note: For the inaugural SBOC, to support balanced membership, the committee will be composed of three parents and one community member from each high school feeder pattern. Parent members will be equally divided between parents of elementary students, middle school students, and high school students in the District. In subsequent years, staff will make every effort to fill vacant positions with level appropriate members to maintain equal division of membership between elementary, middle, and high schools. Note: Board Leadership Academy graduates will receive preference in appointment.
    • District employees will not be eligible for membership; however, the administration may invite staff members to attend meetings of the SBOC to serve in an advisory capacity.
    • Students in the Fort Bend ISD Student Leadership Programs (Leadership 101, Leadership 102, VOICES) will be invited to observe and serve as a resource for the committee. 


    To maintain continuity, members will serve overlapping, two-year terms with a maximum length of service of three consecutive terms. At the end of each term, until three consecutive terms have been served, SBOC members will have the option to resign or reapply.  (Note: To allow for overlapping years, beginning with the 2019 term, half of the committee will be permitted to serve a one-year term with the other half serving a two-year term. All subsequent terms will be two years in length.) 

    Once the SBOC is established, staff will host the first SBOC meeting in November, 2019.  During the initial meeting, per policy, the SBOC will elect a chairperson, a vice chairperson, and a recording secretary.  Additional commitments include (but may not be limited to) evening SBOC committee meetings and evening public hearings as needed.  


    SBOC Application Process 

    Parents and community members interested in being considered to serve on the SBOC may apply for consideration by submitting the SBOC Application during the application window.  The application process will open annually during the fall semester for Board consideration of the membership roster in January of each year. (Note: The inaugural year's membership roster was approved in October 2019.  All subsequent membership rosters will be approved in January starting in 2021.) To ensure membership continues to align with the membership guidelines, current SBOC members will need to reapply at the end of their term if they are interested in being considered to serve. 


    A SBOC Applicant FAQ and SBOC Information Video are available.