Graduation Project - General Information

  • All students in the academy are required to complete one (1) graduation project.  Students may choose from a variety of options:

    1.      Work experience (internship, volunteer, job, etc.)
    2.       End of year project through a school course
    3.       Attend a pre-approved summer camp
    4.       Place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at a science fair outside of DHS
    5.       A pre-approved independent project

     Students will need to:

    1.      Complete the graduation project request form and return to the Academy Coordinator.
    2.       Complete a portfolio and a poster and present both during the project presentation. Dates will be determined by the academy coordinator.

     Your request will not be reviewed until the request form is complete.

    A complete request will have no blank spaces and will include the following:

    1.      Graduation Project Request Form.
    2.       (For the Work Experience Option ONLY) Acknowledgement of Responsibility and Permission for Student Participation form.


Last Modified on August 15, 2017