Student Support Services

  • Teacher and students  

    The Department of Student Support Services plays a central role in overseeing programs and services dedicated to nurturing the academic and emotional growth of every student. Our commitment to success is greatly enhanced through cooperative partnerships with other departments, campuses, parents, students, and community organizations, all working together to address the unique needs of each student.

    Key programs managed by the Department of Student Support Services encompass:

    1. 1.  Dyslexia Services
    2. 2.  Section 504
    3. 3.  Homebound Services
    4. 4.  Special Education Nursing

    If you or a student requires assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the Campus Compliance Coordinator or ARD facilitator situated on your campus. We are dedicated to offering the support and guidance necessary for every student to be successful.

Contact Us

Dr. Deena Hill
Executive Director, Student Support Services District 504
Ronje Gonzales
Program Manager Student Support Services