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WATCH or READ: Checking In with Charles (9/26/19)

It’s been a busy month in Fort Bend ISD, and we’ve got a lot to discuss in this week’s “Check In”, including the first board meeting of the 2019-20 school year.

We’ll have more on that in just a few seconds, but first, I want to extend an invitation to our entire FBISD community to join us at the Board’s first Listening Tour. It will be held at Marshal High School on October 7, so please make plans to attend. Remember, these tours were designed so that our Board could take their work into the community in which we serve, and I hope you’ll take this opportunity to engage with us.

On October 27, we will dedicate the James Reese Career and Technical Center, which opened its doors at the beginning of the year. The building is named in honor of Mr. James Reese, who many consider the father of vocational education in Fort Bend ISD.

During this week’s board meeting, our Board of Trustees approved an agreement with a locally owned funeral home, so that we can move forward with our plans to rebury the Sugar Land 95, whose remains were discovered at the CTE center construction site nearly two years ago.

This has been a long journey for Fort Bend ISD, as we have been committed to treating these remains with dignity and respect and ensuring that the contributions of the sugar land 95 are not forgotten. I hope you will take a few moments to watch a full video presentation that was shared with our board of trustees during this month’s workshop, which illustrates the district’s actions to date. This video is posted at The next steps will involve reburying the remains in the sites in which they were found.

We anticipate that the reburial will occur sometime within the next few months, and we will be planning two ceremonies to honor the Sugar Land 95 -- one prior to the reburial, and one after it is complete. We will announce the dates of these two services soon, as we want our community to be fully engaged in marking this historic occasion.

During Monday’s board meeting, the Board also received a comprehensive report on FBISD’s accountability results and got an in-depth look at the growth we are seeing, thanks to the efforts of our teachers and staff. You can see video of the presentation at, and it is truly worth your time if you have a few moments to spare.

Other actions taken Monday include revisions to the policy that guides Attendance Boundary Planning, and the schematic design for Middle School 16. Middle School 16 is designed to be the first net-zero building in Fort Bend ISD. This means that the building would generate as much energy as it consumes. The school’s design was included in the 2018 Bond program, and we are excited to continue to deliver these projects as promised to voters.

Before I go, I want to congratulate the students who were recognized by the Board this week, including two students from Colony Meadows Elementary who were chosen to lead the pledges of allegiance and five Fort Bend ISD Destination Imagination teams for competing in the global finals.

Ridge Point High School students were recognized for participating in the World Scholar’s Cup Global Championship. And the Sartartia Middle School Symphony Orchestra was the first runner-up in the Texas Middle School/Junior High String Honor Orchestra Competition.

We also honored Board Vice President Addie Heyliger for being selected as one of the Top 30 Influential Women of Houston!

We have so much to celebrate in Fort Bend ISD – including the upcoming three-day weekend!

I wish you and your families a wonderful break and look forward to continuing our work this fall!