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Message from Dr. Dupre regarding today’s situation (5/8/2019)

I’m writing to apologize for the timing of our communication about today’s delayed start to the school day. Like many of you, I am frustrated by the last minute change of plans because I know it caused you scheduling issues and raised your level of concern.  


Fort Bend ISD always puts the safety of our students and staff members first, and we are committed to providing information in a timely manner that allows our families and staff to plan and respond accordingly. That did not occur this morning, and many students and staff members were already on the way to school by the time we called for the delay. I am sorry that occurred and want to provide additional background about why that happened.


Our team was up late last night tracking the weather, which developed much differently than forecasted. And, we were up again very early this morning checking the roads per our usual protocols. Our work showed that roads were clear and that we were good to start the day. However, once things started to move, we received new information about some neighborhood streets that were impassable. That is why we decided it would be best to delay the start of school to allow time to better assess the situation at all schools.


While major roadways are open and accessible, there is isolated street flooding that will prevent the following schools and facilities from being able to open today.


Closed campuses Wednesday, May 8

First Colony Middle School

Settlers Way Elementary

Colony Bend Elementary

Austin Parkway Elementary

Fort Bend ISD Annex


While all other schools and facilities will be open and operate on a two-hour delay, we always encourage our staff members and families to put safety first and to make decisions based on their personal situation.


Please know that this morning’s decisions were thoughtful and intentional, based on information that was available to us at the time. And when we learned new information we changed course to ensure the safety of our FBISD family. Later today or as soon as possible, we will provide information about how absences will be handled for those who cannot make it to school.


We are a district that is committed to continuous improvement, and I want you to know that we are aware that today’s situation was not ideal. We will do better in the future.


I appreciate your patience and understanding.




Charles Dupre


Note for High School parents: Today’s History EOC has been postponed until Thursday due to the two-hour delay. We know this may create some conflicts with AP exams, and additional details regarding how we will accommodate students will be forthcoming.