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New School Names! (12/15/16)

During Monday night’s Board meeting, our Board of Trustees completed the naming process of the District’s new facilities, including three new elementary schools that are set to open in August of 2017 and a middle school that will open in August of 2018. This board action followed the November naming of a new agricultural facility, which will open near Travis High School in April, and the new district-wide CTE facility, which will open in 2018.


During the fall, Fort Bend ISD asked the community to submit nominations for each facility, and the community responded, submitting approximately 2,200 nominations. Six separate naming committees, made up of teachers, community, staff and parent representatives then reviewed all of the submissions and made their selections. Each facility is named after an individual that has made a significant contribution to society, and five of the six had a direct impact on the students of FBISD. We are thankful of their efforts, and proud to honor them in this way.


Elementary School 48 in the Sienna Plantation community will be named Donald Leonetti Elementary, in honor of a long-time supporter of FBISD students, schools and athletic programs; Middle School 15, also located in Sienna Plantation, will be named Ronald Thornton Middle School in honor of Ronald Thornton, an inspirational Willowridge High School band director; Elementary School 49, located in the Harvest Green subdivision, will be named James C. Neill Elementary in honor of a 19th century soldier and early defender of the Alamo; and Elementary School 50, in the Grand Vista community, will be named James Patterson Elementary after Fort Bend County Commissioner James Patterson, who spent his entire educational career serving the students of FBISD as a teacher, coach and administrator.


Additionally, the Bonnie Beard Agriculture Center is named in honor of a current Dulles High School agriculture teacher who is considered a trailblazer in ag education, and the James C. Reese Career and Technical Center is named after a former FBISD educator and vocational education administrator.


2017-18 Calendar, District of Innovation, and Boundary Planning


Other important decisions that are on the horizon for early 2017 include the adoption of the 2017-18 Calendar, the continuation of the District of Innovation process, and the adoption of attendance zones for the three new elementary schools and the new middle school. I am proud of Fort Bend ISD’s collaborative efforts in all of these decisions, as they will all directly impact our students, families, and staff.


More on all of these efforts will be shared as we begin 2017… but until then, enjoy the Winter Break!