Ferndell Henry Center for Learning Student/Parent ROPES Program


    In this program we will engage in fun and challenging activities that involve the entire group and help develop personal skills. Throughout the day we will discuss, practice and learn about a variety of topics, such as: making better decisions, communication, setting goals, and making plans. This is an opportunity to establish common ground and build stronger bonds with your family.

    • ***VERY IMPORTANT*** This ROPES program is a two-day program. A parent/legal guardian is only required to attend the first day of the program. The student is required to complete both days to receive two days off their time at Ferndell.  Students that are not eligible for early release options can participate in the program with their parent/guardian, but WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE THE 2 DAYS OFF OF THEIR DAYS AT FERNDELL. It is your responsibility to verify if your student is eligible for an early release option or not prior to registering for the Ropes program. Also, students that are participating in the RISE program will not be allowed to participate in the Student/Parent ROPES program at all-please do not register your child for Ropes if they are in the RISE program!

      *** Our program requires a minimum enrollment of at least 5 students and 5 parents per group, therefore some groups are subject to rescheduling or cancellation if we do not have enough participants signed up for the date you selected. If a group has to be rescheduled and your child will not be able to attend the future date for whatever reason, they will not be eligible to receive the 2 days off. Your student must participate in both days of Ropes in order to receive credit for the days off. While we appreciate you taking the initiative to participate in the program there is no guarantee that every group will have enough eligible students to conduct a group on your selected date. By signing your student up for the Parent/Student Ropes Program via MySignupGenius, you are stating that you understand the information above and understand that all groups are subject to cancellation or rescheduling which might impact your child’s opportunity to participate and receive 2 days credit toward their days at Ferndell. 


    Arrival Time: 9:00 am.

      • Please DRIVE your student to campus on the date above. Both you and your student will check in at the front office. Parents, you will need your ID.
      • Please be sure to arrive by 9:00 a.m. as we will start at 9:30 a.m. This allows for you and your student to get checked in and complete permission forms, so we start on time. 

    Estimated Departure time: 2:45 pm.

      • You and your student will be with the ROPES program until the end of 5th period. If you would like to sign your student out at this time, you may take them home with you, as this has been approved by the administration. They will get full credit for the school day.                                         

    Please remember the following:

      • Each participant MUST BRING THEIR OWN FOOD AND DRINKS FOR LUNCH (for both student and parent). No participant will be allowed to go buy lunch either day. We will eat lunch in the ROPES room.
      • Clothing -- dress for the weather.
        • Students must wear the Ferndell Henry school uniform and will go through regular check-in upon arrival. If they would like to wear a plain black sweatshirt over their polo, they may.
        • Parents should wear comfortable clothing with tennis shoes (athletic footwear). NO SANDALS, HEELS, FLATS, or FLIP FLOPS MAY BE WORN.
        • Again, please dress for the weather as we may go outside. Sunscreen should be worn by participants as needed (strongly suggested for the second day which may be a climbing day).
      • Hair -- long hair should be tied back.
      • NO JEWELRY -- including watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings bigger than studs.
    • Due to space limitations, we are able to accept ONE parent/legal guardian per student. There may be times that we have room to accept a second parent/legal guardian.
    • No childcare will be provided at Ferndell for young children. If you have a young child they will not be allowed in the building. Only one parent and the student will be permitted in the building for ROPES.


    Contact Facilitator: Ashley East

    Email: ashley.east@fortbendisd.com

    Address/Course Location: Ferndell Henry Center for Learning: 7447 FM 521 Rd, Rosharon, TX 77583   

    Front Office Number: 281-327-6000   


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