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    Competition Days: May 1, 2017

    The Middle School “Robo Rodeo” game is a head-to-head challenge where two teams compete separately on identical competition areas. Teams work to complete their tasks as efficiently and effectively as possible. The robot is the cornerstone of the competition. Teams are given the game rules and contest mat in advance and teams design, prototype, build, program, and test their robots prior to the competition date. With these built and programmed robots, teams compete against one another via Distance Learning equipment and the top 4 teams will compete head-to-head on-site at the Coding Club showcase on May 22, 2017. All robots must be built and programmed by students with sponsors or mentors serving only to advise.to advise.



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    General Rules

    1. Teams are comprised of up to FIVE students and are led by at least ONE team sponsor.
    2. Students are not allowed to be part of multiple teams.
    3. Two teams from each school may compete in the District challenge. If you have more than two teams interested, then we recommend holding a campus-based contest to determine the top two qualifying teams.
    4. Only FBISD middle school robotics students are allowed to touch the robot, computer and iPad that is used to program it – the only exception is when technical problems with the computer occur. Student problem solving is the spirit of this competition!
    5. Teams are allowed to use exactly ONE LEGO Mindstorms EV3 or NXT kit to build their robot.
    6. Teams are not allowed to melt, deform, cut, bend, glue, solder, or otherwise alter LEGO elements or competition pieces (plastic and electrical) for use in the competition.
    7. Teams are not allowed to use extra items (tape, string, rubber bands, etc.).
    8. Teams are not allowed to use remote controls to move the robot; it should be programed to run autonomously.
    9. Students are responsible for setting up the mat for each event.
    10. Teams are allowed to tape the mat to the floor using painter’s tape, masking tape or scotch tape. You may not use duct tape.

    Robo Rodeo Description

    In Robo Rodeo, a team’s robot will compete in three separate events on the competition mat. The events will be played in order. All events do not need to be attempted or completed. Each task completed by the robot accumulates points. The points for each event will be assessed as the game is played. Design, build, and program a robot to master each event and bring home the “Champion belt buckle”!

    Game Pieces

    Campuses will be provided with the supplies needed for the challenges. These supplies include 3 PVC pipes, 3 animals and 1 Lego man. Each campus will be responsible for replacements of any lost or damaged pieces.

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